Be Red Carpet Ready with These Fashionable Looks!

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The rich and famous won’t have anything on you the next time you step out on the town, if you follow some of the trends we’ve seen at the pre-red carpet festivities.

Double Up!

Large rings were on display as usual, but the trend was to wear an equal number on each hand – we saw one, two and even three pair being worn.  We saw rings worn on both index fingers as frequently as on the ring fingers.  The Style Dots Bling Ring and Ovation Ring would fit the red carpet look nicely, especially with a Diamond Solitaire or Diamond Ice Dot snapped in.

Bracelets followed the trend of doubling with a wide bracelet or two on each wrist.  The Style Dots Illusion Bracelet and the Celebration Bracelet are grand enough for any posh event.  Snapping in the White Cable or Gold Armour or Silver Armour Dots would add even more glitz to the look.


Carry a Clutch

Almost every Hollywood honoree carried a clutch or tiny purse.  Our sleek, clutch-sized Wallet, when dressed up with the very glamorous Double White Cable Statement Dot would make the perfect addition to your red carpet style.  Since the Dots are interchangeable, you could snap in a Dot from our selection of hundreds to match your dress, your shoes, or even your eye color!

Demure Neck Adornments

Since many of the gowns worn have unique, often embellished necklines, necklaces were mostly absent, or, if worn, very demure.  Our Classic Single Necklace in either Gold or Silver would be the perfect choice.  Snapping in a gold or silver Dot in one of our more basic styles would be the perfect match to this understated style.  The less embellished gowns were often paired with long necklaces,  many sporting tassels.  The Link Drop Necklace with the Classic Tassel Drop and Silver Arabesque Dot would be the lovely choice here.

The Ears Have It

To match the glamorous gowns, celebrities have been seen about town wearing big, dangle earrings.  Style Dots has several pair that would be perfect to show off at any swanky affair. Our trendy Tassel Earrings would look fabulous with the Black Wave or Black Matrix Dots.  Or, equally ritzy would be the Bling Hoop Earrings with Infinity Dots or the Petite Fleur Earrings with Solitaire Dots to match your gown.

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No need to let the Hollywood types have all the fun!  With all the wonderful foundation pieces and all the many distinctive designs, colors and styles of Dots that Style Dots offers, you too can look like you are ready to walk the red carpet!