Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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We all love our Moms!  And of course Moms love flowers!  So on this Mother’s Day you can give her these wonderful flower Dots that will never fade and a pretty ring, necklace or bracelet to snap them into.  But what about that even stronger love of a mother for her children?  Or a grandmother for her grandchildren?  This year you can celebrate that powerful bond of maternal love by creating a customized necklace or bracelet or a personalized birthstone piece to give to the mother or mother-in-law or grandmother in your life.  It’s a gift that is sure to be shown off with great pride!  You can also show your love for your Mom by ordering a memorable creation for yourself.  Shown above are our April Dots of the Month along with our Bling Triple Bracelet with the very cute “I Love Mom” 12 mm Dot and the adorable 12 mm Pink Daisy Dots snapped in.

Style Dots has several Dot and Foundation options to offer as you consider these very meaningful gifts. Our birthstone Dots come in both Solitaire and “Ice” styles.  The Solitaires are a more traditional look, while the Ice Dots are more bling-y.  Match your Dot choice to the style and personality of the receiver of your gift.  Then choose which Style Dots Foundation you want for that special person you will be honoring.  We offer a 3-Dot Bracelet in gold and a beautiful Bling Bracelet in a silver finish for the mom or grandma who will need three or fewer birthstones.  A 5-Dot Classic Bracelet in silver is a great choice for someone with five or fewer children or grandchildren.  Double up the bracelets for those with large families! Single stones can be placed in a ring, our Single Classic Necklace or our Classic Bangle Bracelet that comes with a single Classic Drop. You can always add more Classic Drops to the Bangle to accommodate more birthstones if you wish.

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The Classic Bangle Bracelet, which comes with one Classic Drop, get customized with the addition of two more Classic Drops and three of our 12 mm Solitaire birthstone Dots. Also shown is our Classic 3-Dot Bracelet – Gold, with three of our 12 mm Ice birthstone Dots. All twelve birthstone Dots available.


In addition to birthstone Dots, Style Dots also offers Alphabet Dots that can give you even more personalization options.  You could snap a child’s (or Mom’s!) three initials with a Heart Dot and birthstone Dot on either side, into our 5-Dot Bracelet for a very special, very customized gift. With many more inspirational and story Dots available, think of the possibilities for making a truly unique, truly personal creation!

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Consider a very tender and sweet memory bracelet for a mom who has suffered a miscarriage or the loss of a child after birth, or for someone who has lost their mom.  Your gift of the child’s birthstone or our Baby Feet Dot in a ring, necklace or bracelet says, ‘we won’t forget the life of this little one who was here for too short a time’, and the graceful Silver Mom 12 mm Dot in any of our foundation pieces honors the memory of a mom who has passed away.


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The Baby Feet, Diamond Solitaire and Antique Cross Dots, all in the 12 mm size are shown in our Classic Waterfall Necklace. The Silver Mom 12 mm Dot is shown in our Classic Ring that comes in sizes 4 – 10.

So make this Mother’s Day even more meaningful by giving (and wearing!) one of these customized Style Dots jewelry combinations. Your gift is sure to be loved and appreciated!