International Dot Day: Encouraging Creativity!

Carol McCarthy Your Own Direct Sales Business Leave a Comment

Style Dots celebrates International Dot Day, a holiday that encourages personal creativity and helping others to do the same.

International Dot Day is a day in which people of all ages are encouraged to express their own creativity and confidently make their mark on the world.  Inspired by Peter H. Reynolds’ classic book, “The Dot”, International Dot Day was launched to embolden people to use their talents, gifts and energy to move the world to a better place.  Why is International Dot Day so important to us here at Style Dots?  Besides the fact that we share the name “Dot”, Style Dots also is a huge champion of creativity.  Here are some of the areas in which we inspire others to express their creative side:


The people you relate with everyday have a significant impact on you. when you surround yourself with people of wide imagination and some of it should rub off on you.  Since Style Dots is a social selling company where relationships between Boutique Partners, Hostesses and Clients are encouraged and nurtured, an enlivened social culture emerges that helps broaden all who are part of it.


Our leaders help mentor their new team members with training in the basics of direct selling, guidance through the order entry process and encouragement to look for creative ways to promote their fledgling business.   They are the first line of support, often suggesting the best practices that not only help these new representatives prosper in their new business but also open new vistas to their own imagination in other areas of their life.


What can be more imagination-stirring than producing something creative? Creating something all your own sparks your motivation to explore your potential further, and we are all about creativity here at Style Dots!  Whether it’s putting together unusual combinations of foundations and Dots, using our pieces in creative, new ways, or submitting fun design ideas using our dedicated e-mail, we applaud creative thinking!  In fact, Innovation is one of our Core Values in which we foster fresh and unique approaches in business and in life.


Sharing is the biggest approach to our business!  Our Boutique Partners share styling ideas with their clientele, share the business opportunity with everyone who could benefit from having their own direct sales business, and share what’s working in their business with their fellow reps.  Together, the Boutique Partners brainstorm new ways of promoting their Style Dots business online, at entertaining Blingo events, or fun theme parties.   Whatever the topic, we always encourage fresh thinking!


Expanding your knowledge and skills opens you up to opportunities to let your imagination have free rein. Learning new things stimulates your mind, and motivates you to try new things.  Style Dots collaborates with each and every Boutique Partner, offering them ample opportunities to learn and grow in self-paced programs and online classes.   We not only thoroughly prepare our reps for success, we also connect with them on a more personal level by offering sessions for personal growth as well.  All this is intended to help them blossom personally and professionally with confidence.

So, join with Style Dots as we celebrate International Dot Day, a day that perfectly aligns with our dual philosophy of creativity and of each of us leaving our personal mark on the world!