Style Dots Director took a gutsy risk when she joined Style Dots over a traditional job.

The Risk She Was Willing To Take For Love

Carol McCarthy DIRECT SALES Leave a Comment

We recently spoke with Director Dare Robertson about her decision to join Style Dots as a Boutique Partner.  In some ways, Dare’s story is shared by many people who have considered direct sales as an option, but for us, Dare’s story is unique in that she promoted to Director faster than anyone in the history of Style Dots. We asked her why she was considering direct sales when, as a single mom, she could have opted for the ‘safe’ option of a punch-the-clock type of job.  Here’s what she answered:

First of all, I like a challenge!  If I want something, I’m going to get there.  Once I decided to go with Style Dots, I had no choice but to make it work.  But, more importantly, I wanted to be there for my son, for all the major events.  I wanted to be able to go on his field trips with him, I didn’t want to miss an award ceremony or being in the classroom with him.  I didn’t want to miss anything!  I knew that if I had a traditional job I’d have to ask for a day off and I might be able to go.  I’ve attended awards ceremonies where my working friends have asked me to take pictures of their children getting an award.  Moments like that impact me.  I can be there for others because of the career path I have chosen.

Dare loves the fact that her Style Dots business allows her control of her schedule so she can spend important moments with her son.

What it comes down to is that I only have one life and I wanted to be in the driver’s seat of it!  I wanted to control my own destiny and my path.  I wanted to show my son that you can do anything you put your mind to, have fun doing it and love what you do!  And so, I work my business around my schedule.  You can work this business however you want to work it, in the time that you have.

Dare said that in days past, direct sales meant driving to do a home show at the home of a Hostess.  Here are two examples of ways that Dare earns money in what she calls, “Today’s world of Direct Sales”;

One of my favorite things is called a Pouch Party.  I buy a school supply zippered pouch and fill it with order blanks, a Style Dots catalog and a few pieces of jewelry.  I hand these out to prospective clients and hostesses.  So, when I’m on that field trip with my son, I have three or four ladies at their offices taking orders on these Pouch Parties.  I’m making money and they’re earning free and discounted products.  It’s a win-win!

Then, the other day I had to come up with ninety dollars for a field trip for my son.  I went live on Facebook, showed a few products and posted a few pictures and within two hours I had the ninety dollars I needed.  Basically, with these and other ways to promote my business, I control my paycheck!


Want to take control of your life?  Find out how you can join Dare and the Style Dots team today.