“Style Dots Has Saved My Life”

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I worked as a flight attendant for thirty-two years.  It was a job I loved but that job ended abruptly when I was exposed to toxic chemicals while performing my duties. I was so sickened by this exposure that I spent the next seven years with doctors studying me or trying to treat me for chemical poisoning.  There were days when I hurt so bad I could hardly get out of bed. I also experienced headaches that were so bad I couldn’t even drive myself to the doctor’s office and even lost my ability to speak for ten whole months.  Twice I almost died from the consequences of the poisoning.  I spent many hours without moving and lived in my pajamas most of the time.  I basically became a hermit, a very sick one at that.

Young Sylvia proudly served in a job she loved for decades. Here is a display of her in flight attendant uniform with her service wings and pins, looking confident in the cockpit, and years later with one of her dogs.

I was told that I would be lucky if I would ever be 75% of my old self again.  Then I learned that my captain, who also suffered the same toxic exposure I suffered, had passed away.  Several times I wanted to stop living too.  I had no purpose for living or getting up every day.  If it weren’t for my four terriers demanding food and attention, I might just have given up.

I started praying for some kind of a miracle.  My medical bills had used up about 75% of my retirement funds.  I was afraid I was going to lose my house.  How could I make some much needed income in my condition?  I prayed that God would show me the way.  He answered with so much more than just a way to make money!

You see, I saw a post on Facebook from a woman who had a house cleaning business.  I contacted her and she came to my house.  The day she came I looked like I was on my deathbed.  I wasn’t having a good day and was still in my pajamas when she arrived.  She kindly brought me some lunch.  We started talking and I noticed that she had on the most striking jewelry and I bought some from her as she was a representative.  She began to have an influence on me as we continued our talks over the next few meetings.  One day I said to her, ‘I want to do what you do.’ And so I joined Style Dots.

Since joining Style Dots, life is better for Sylvia, shown here at a vendor show with her gorgeous Style Dots display, with some of her new Styles Dots sisters at a recent company convention, and being celebrated on stage for her awesome achievements with Style Dots co-founders Gina Smith and Karen Green.

Style Dots has provided me with a purpose.  I have new friends that pray with me, encourage me and who love me.  This company has turned my life around not just financially, but also emotionally and spiritually.  I am almost back to my old self!  I am happy to be alive and I thank my mentor for her love and friendship.  God caused our paths to cross for a much larger purpose than I could ever have imagined.  So, I do not say this lightly, and I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart, ‘Style Dots has saved my life!’


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