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The Style Dots System – Perfect For Work!

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by Carol K. McCarthy –

You go to work to earn money and you don’t want to be spending all your hard-earned cash on dozens of different sets of matching jewelry so you can look your professional best at work.  At Style Dots, we have the perfect solution!  Obtain just a few of our interchangeable and customizable Dots and Foundations and you can mix and match your jewelry to create a new look for each day at the office!

Business Formal

The dress code at your office might be one of business formal.  This code usually requires smaller, tasteful and subdued jewelry options.   Necklaces with small pendants or simple chains fit this code best.  Earrings with a modest hoop are also acceptable.  Bracelets should be kept to a minimum and a watch is encouraged.  Neutral colors such as gray, navy, white and black are classic and expected colors in the formal business setting and Style Dots has Dots in all of these colors in a variety of styles.


Dress for work with Necklaces and earrings in silver or gold with gray, navy or white Dots

Muted colors and either simple chains or necklaces with smaller pendants and modest hoop earrings are acceptable jewelry choices in a formal business office. Shown are the Classic Hoop Earrings with Gray Pearl Essence Dots, Style Square Classic Necklace with Blue Vintage Curl Style Square Dots and Gold Paperclip Chain with White Pearl Gold Dots.


Business Casual

A business casual dress code gives you more leeway in your jewelry choices.  Try layered looks, beaded pieces and brighter colors in this more relaxed atmosphere.  Larger hoop earrings and larger foundation pieces also go well in this type of business environment.  Bracelets can also be layered and larger as long as they don’t interfere with work duties such as typing.


If you work in a casual setting, choose necklaces in gold and silver and a beaded necklace, earrings and leather and crystal bracelet are shown

With almost endless combinations that you can create, your Style Dots jewelry can match your style, outfit or occasion with just a snap! Here we show you some beautiful combinations: Firenze Disc Necklace with Serenity Gold Original Dot paired with the Gold Classic Single Necklace and Burst Gold Original Dot. Next is the Rainbow Style Stacks Long Necklace with a Classic Original Necklace Drop and Purple Finesse Original Dot. Bling Original Hoop Earrings and the Estate Bracelet are shown with Amethyst Classic Solitaire Original Dots while the beautiful Black Multi Wrap Leather Bracelet is a great stand-alone piece.

So Many Options!

Since Style Dots offers hundreds of Dots in a wide spectrum of colors and jewelry Foundations in a variety of styles and sizes that are ideal for any workplace dress code, you will have an easy time finding pieces for your perfect jewelry wardrobe. And, while Style Dots is so appropriate for the workplace, it doesn’t stop there!  Simply swap out the Dots to dress up your Foundation pieces and you can step out on the town with a whole new look!  It takes just seconds! Choose Dots in the colors you wear most often and Foundations in the styles you love most and you will have everything you need to look very put-together in the office and very posh at those after-work occasions.


Woman with a closet full of different color clothing for work

A row of Dots in a variety of colors to match your work clothes.

No matter what outfit you select for work each day, your jewelry can match perfectly when you use customizable foundations and Dots from Style Dots. Shown are the Black Lauren, Gray Pearl Essence, Orange Empress, Green Victoria, Brown Finesse, Coral Couture, Red Sophia, Pink Twinkle, Silver Medallion, White Olivia and Gold Firenze Original Dots. See how the Dots match the clothes on the rack!


Does your office have Blue Jean Fridays?  We have a whole selection of blue Dots as well!  These Dots range from enameled finishes with crystals to geometric details to Dots with lots of bling.  With so many selections available, you can create the look you love.

Showing are large and small Dots in a various shades of blue for jeans day at work

Dress your jeans up for work! Wear any of these Blue Dots in your Style Dots Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets or Rings to take your jeans outfit into an even more fashionable realm. Shown are the Blue Sophia, Starburst Couture and the Navy Olivia Dots in both Statement and Original sizes.