How An Adorable Party Pouch Can Change Your Future!

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by Carol K. McCarthy –


Bet You’ve Wondered About a Side Hustle!

Studies show that 3 out of 10 people are actively trying to find a side hustle that’s a good fit for them and that will help them create a more financially sound future.  Chances are you’ve even thought about ways to meet new people, travel to exotic locations or make some extra income yourself.  But could you ever imagine that a way to make these things happen in your life could be found in a bright fuchsia Party Pouch?  Here’s the secret!  Style Dots has just introduced this fun way to start your own customizable jewelry business with a tiny investment (only $79 + shipping and tax) that can have a huge impact on your life.  How?  By giving you the opportunity to share our fun and stylish interchangeable jewelry and Dots with everyone you meet.  People love our unique jewelry so much because they can make it their own by customizing it with just a snap!  With hundreds of Dots and dozens of foundations to choose from, your customers will order and keep coming back for more.  You can develop a nice little side hustle with the ability to bloom into a much bigger business like those of our leaders in Style Dots (you can read some of their stories in the blogs here on our web page!).

What Makes The Party Pouch So Special?

Your first glimpse of the Party Pouch gives you a clue to the wonders that are inside.  The bright fuchsia color is fun and festive and the size is perfect for carrying with you everywhere you go.  Unzip it and you’ll find inside everything you need to show off our versatile and most fascinating line!  Your excitement as you play with the Dots and Foundations will mirror the curiosity and amazement of your family, friends and clients as you show off the pieces to them.  Everyone you show the products to will want a chance to create their own unique combinations and will marvel at the ease, simplicity and genius behind the Style Dots interchangeable system.

How Does This Work?

There are many ways to promote your new Style Dots business and to make it grow.  Show the products and take orders at one-on-one appointments, demonstrate the products at in-home Socials where a Host invites friends (the Host can earn rewards!), or develop an online business using Social Media.  You will receive a commission on everything you sell.  Grow a team to earn even more!  No matter which way you choose to grow your business from this affordable Party Pouch beginning, you will have a mentor and a leader to help you every step of the way.

There are also two Facebook groups you can join; one where you can share ideas you may have or ask questions when you need clarity on an issue,  and another where Style Dots communicates all the latest news, promotions, fun contests and any exciting announcements to all our Boutique Partners which is the name we call our representatives.  You’re going to want to be a member of both groups to maximize your Style Dots experience.

What You Get:

  • Foundation Necklaces in three sizes: Original, Statement and Dotlet
  • 6 Dots – two in each size: Original, Statement and Dotlet
  • One Dot Key for popping Dots out with ease
  • One Pack of Sales Slips
  • One Pack of 10 Catalogs
  • One Dot Booklet to safely store your Dots
  • One Dot Reveal – Mystery Dots for rewarding clients with every $59 in orders
  • Instant access to proven training that’s available 24/7 and that earns you rewards when combined with reaching sales goals.

Get Your Own Party Pouch Today!

As with most great offers, this one is for a limited time only!  The Party Pouch goes away on March 31st, 2022 at midnight Eastern time.  Don’t say, “I wish I would have started with Style Dots when they had that amazing offer!”.  Instead, we hope to hear you say, “I’m glad I grabbed the Party Pouch when I did and I’m amazed at how my business has grown!”  It’s our hope that you will change your future for the better when you join Style Dots with this fortuitous offer.

If you have any questions, reach out to whoever shared this blog with you, or call Dot Central at 616-951-7099 and we’ll be happy to help you!