The Mother’s Day Look Book Is Here!

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by Carol K. McCarthy


Since Mother’s Day is about celebrating moms of all kinds, keep in mind the other important women in your life as you look for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts; grandmothers, mother-in-law, stepmom and godmother, too.  If you haven’t a clue what to get for these special ladies, just remember that jewelry is always a highly welcomed gift!   If you want to make your gift even more meaningful, give personalized jewelry that can be customized to become something very sentimental and heartwarming.  Style Dots has the most amazing interchangeable jewelry designs that will make it a snap to create a gift for your mom that will really touch her heart and make her feel honored and celebrated.

We’ve put together a wonderful variety of looks to make it incredibly easy for you to choose the perfect gift for Mom!  With several looks at every price point, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift at the perfect price.  Plus, you can add, swap out or remove items from any of our looks to further create a unique set specially designed for the exceptional ladies in your life.  Here are some of our favorites!



One of the most meaningful gifts you can create is a bejeweled family tree necklace or bracelet that she’ll proudly show off to anyone who asks. Simply choose one of our many styles of Foundation pieces, then add birthstone Accents, Dots or  Teardrops for each of her children or grandchildren.  You can add the Accents or Teardrops in birth order or in any eye-pleasing lineup.  You could even make one bracelet for her children and an additional one for her grandchildren which would not only allow her to show off her entire family, but also let her wear the two bracelets together for a lovely layered look.



We know that every Mom is different, which is why we’ve created looks that range from blingy to casual, from the mom who loves traditional pieces, to the mom who prefers a more modern look.  Or, perhaps your mom loves flowers.  Give her the kind that never need watering and always look fresh, the Style Dots floral Dot designs!  Available in a variety of colors, sizes and designs, you’re sure to find the perfect posies for your mother.


Bracelets, Necklace and Earrings with Dots, Accents and Bling Connectors create jewelry looks under One hundred ninety-nine dollars.

On left: Two Interlinks Starter Bracelets (to create a double wrap bracelet), Link Toggle, an Interlinks Bling Bar, two Interlinks Bling Connectors and Peridot, Sapphire and Rose accents. On right: An Original Beaded Bracelet (comes in S/M and L/XL sizes) with a Pink Blaze Original Dot, A Classic Link Statement Necklace with a Pink Anemone Statement Dot, and a pair of Classic Oval Hoop Earrings with Pink Anemone Original Dots.

And, if you’re a mom yourself, maybe you’ll receive one of these looks on Mother’s Day.  If not, go ahead and give yourself the gift of a memorable and beautiful set from Style Dots.  You can even add more Accents, Charms or Teardrops as new members are added to the family!  Then you and all the special moms in you life will treasure these touching and sentimental gifts for many years to come.