Perfect for Prom!

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by Carol K. McCarthy –

Perfect For Prom!

It’s Prom time!  Prom is every girl’s dream evening that takes on fairy tale proportions and is usually accompanied by hours of time spent in finding the perfect dress, shoes, hair-do and jewelry.  While Style Dots can’t help with finding the perfect dress, hair-do or shoes, we are more than able to help create a perfectly matched jewelry ensemble for the big event.

High school girls love a wide variety of fashion styles and colors when choosing their clothes, and the same is even more true when they choose their formal dress for that most important milestone event, Senior Prom.  Despite their widely divergent ideas of what constitutes the ultimate Prom Dress, we can confidently say that Style Dots offers the perfect jewelry to match any dress they might choose.  How can we make such a bold assertion?  Easily!  Style Dots offers a unique line of customizable jewelry Foundations and hundreds of beautiful Dots that are completely interchangeable.  This allows every young woman to create the exact set of adornments to match her dress color, neckline, and style.  Why would you go anywhere else to choose your Prom jewelry!

Single snap necklaces customized with red, blue, yellow, white and black Dotlets

With the smart and simple Style Dots interchangeable Dot system, you can customize your jewelry for prom or for any season, event or even your mood! Shown is our Classic Dotlet Necklace with; Red Bling, Aquamarine Solitaire, Yellow Starlet, White Jessica and Black Amy Dotlets snapped in.


Name your style

It all starts with the dress style.  Is it flouncy? Sleek and form fitting?  Patterned or a solid color? Once the dress is purchased the next step is to find a Style Dot foundation that compliments not only the dress style but your personality type as well.  Do you lean more toward all things modern whether in a Modern Bold or Modern Soft look? Are you more of a Trendsetter when it comes to your sense of style?  Or are you a girl who Loves Bling?  Once you’ve named your style, your next steps are to find the Foundations and Dots to fit that description and that go perfectly with your dress.

Find your Foundations

Style Dots offers necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets in styles that range from modern to artfully crafted to beautifully blingy.   Foundations are also available in gold, silver, rose gold or modern mixed metals, so finding the perfect match is practically guaranteed!



Discover your Dots

Next, you’ll chooses your Dots.  With Dots in basic black and white, pinks, greens, blues, and purples, and even golds and silvers, you are sure to find the perfect shade to match or compliment your gown.  You will just snap your favorite Dots into the foundations you’ve selected to create a custom look for your Prom attire. Perfect!  As a huge bonus, once prom is over you’ll be able to wear your jewelry for any other occasion or even for every day just by popping out the Dots and snapping in different Dots to match whatever outfit you’ll be wearing.

So, go out shopping for that most awesome dress and those amazing shoes and spend lots of time looking for the perfect hairstyle and we’ll make finding the most perfectly coordinated jewelry the easiest part of planning for your Prom or any formal dance you have on your calendar.  Then go out and rock the night away!  You’ll feel amazing knowing you look your absolute best!

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