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Spring 2023 Color Trends with Accessories

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spring 2023 color trends

If you follow fashion or trends even slightly, you probably have noticed a common theme for spring 2023 color trends: green! It’s popping up everywhere. In fact, Classic Green was one of Pantone’s colors for their Spring/Summer 2023 New York Fashion Week color palette. Wardrobeoxygen.com says, “Expect plenty of green for spring (and beyond)” (“The 2023 Color Trend”).

Green represents rebirth, growth, new beginnings. Pantone said of their color fashion week color palette, “We strive forward with a color palette that celebrates a newfound freedom and the excitement of trying something new” (“New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023”). Green, itself, can represent both freedom and excitement.

The great thing about green is “Classic Green, Kelly Green, and bright clear shades of green are wearable for work, weekend, special occasions, and accent pieces to update your existing closet” (“The 2023 Color Trend”). So it’s a very flexible trend; you don’t have to upend your entire wardrobe to follow this fresh fad.

You also don’t have to dress in green from top to bottom. No need to channel the Jolly Green Giant. As wardrobeoxygen.com suggests, “Green for spring doesn’t have to be the focal point of your ensemble. Green can be an accent, and makes for a perfect ‘pop of color’” (“The 2023 Color Trend”).

In fact, adding green to your accessories is a perfect way to indulge in this sassy spring 2023 color trend.

Jewelry Trends Spring 2023

So how can you add green to your spring and summer jewelry? We actually wrote about jewelry trends for spring 2023 in a previous blog post. But trends are constantly evolving, and the popularity of green is an exciting addition to what has been a fairly neutral color palette, as of late. With Style Dots interchangeable snap accents, adding pops of green to your jewelry is fun and easy!

spring 2023 color trends

Layered necklaces with a green pendant

Necklace Trends: Spring 2023 Color Trends

Continue following the layered necklace trend, while adding a pop of green to your layers. Start with a Paperclip Chain, then layer it with a large green pendant. Find your favorite green Statement piece by using the Shop by Color feature on StyleDots.com.

spring 2023 color trends

Layered bracelets with green interchangeable accents

Bracelet Trends: Spring 2023 Color Trends

Layering bracelets is another huge trend. Our Classic 3-Dot Original Toggle Bracelet gives you the opportunity to choose three different snap accents in your favorite shades of green. Layer it with the Classic Cable Original Bangle for additional ways to express yourself and to add in even more green options. Mix up the shades of green you’re choosing to give your look variety.

spring 2023 color trends

A ring with a bright green gemstone

Ring Trends: Spring 2023 Color Trends

Rings are huge right now–whether you’re wearing them layered or you choose a cocktail ring with a large gemstone, or a combination of both. But rings are a great way to add a pop of green to your look. Make it subtle with a small dark green stone; or really make it stand out with a large bright green gemstone.

The spring 2023 color trends call for a renewal of energy, hope, and excitement. You can express that with your jewelry and accessories. Have some fun with the jewelry trends for spring and summer 2023! And go for the green, letting those bright pops of color set the tone for your best spring and summer ever.

For more green inspiration, visit StyleDots.com.