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Introducing the Jemma Jewelry Box: A New Subscription Box

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Meet the Jemma Jewelry Box, Style Dots’ brand-new jewelry subscription service! For just $34.95/month, get two exclusive interchangeable snap Dotlets and a Slide delivered straight to your mailbox.

What Is Jemma Jewelry?

jewelry boxJemma Jewelry offers on-trend, customizable jewelry that is both high-quality and affordable. Layer up your favorite necklaces, bracelets, and rings—or create a style all your own with interchangeable snaps.

If you are looking for minimalist jewelry that fits into the latest trends, then Jemma Jewelry is for you!

Layering Jewelry

InStyle reports that “designers at fall fashion shows the world over blended different necklace styles to create totally unique works of jewelry art” (“Fall Jewelry Trends”), while Asiana Times states that “mixing and matching different lengths and styles of necklaces, bracelets, and rings creates a personalized and curated look” (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”).

Jemma Jewelry leans heavily into this layering trend with necklaces and chains, bracelets, and rings that are not just ideal for layering, but designed with layering in mind.

Minimalist Jewelry

jewelry box

The Jemma Jewelry Box Welcome Kit includes a Slide Chain and Heart slide, Dotlet Earrings, plus two interchangeable snap Dotlets.

Trend-setter Vogue says that “less is more” this fall with “barely-there bracelets, tiny earrings, and simple necklaces” (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”).

Dainty and minimalist are two words often used to describe Jemma Jewelry: fine chains, tiny earrings, and delicate bracelets and rings are the defining characteristics of Jemma.

Mixed-Metal Jewelry

InStyle advises to “mix metals with whimsy” (“Fall Jewelry Trends”). Jemma offers a solid selection of both gold- and silver-finish jewelry for mixing and matching—or wearing alone. It’s up to you!

What Is the Jemma Jewelry Box?

jewelry box

Choose between silver and gold finish for your Jemma Jewelry Box Welcome Kit.

The Jemma Jewelry Box is a subscription jewelry box that delivers exclusive Jemma Jewelry to your mailbox every month. When you subscribe to the Jemma Jewelry Box, you get to choose a gold or silver finish for your Welcome Set.

Your Welcome Set includes a Slide Chain Necklace with a Heart Slide, Dotlet Earrings with two interchangeable snap Dotlets, and a patented Jemma Key to swap your Dots.

Then, every month, choose whether you want your box in a silver or gold finish—stick to all gold, all silver, or mix it up for that on-trend mixed-metal look! Each jewelry box will contain two interchangeable snap Dotlets and a Slide to build your own Jemma Jewelry collection.

Shipping is FREE.

All our jewelry has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Plus, there’s no contract. You can cancel anytime!

But you won’t want to because you’ll definitely fall in love with your limited-edition, exclusive Jemma Jewelry!

To get started with Jemma Jewelry Box today, visit or contact your Boutique Partner.