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Snap Jewelry: The Perfect Accessory for Any Outfit

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What Is Snap Jewelry?

Snap jewelry is a type of jewelry that uses decorative accents or “snaps” with base foundations—like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings—to give you the ability to create custom jewelry.

Interchangeable snaps are snapped in and out of foundations giving your jewelry a brand-new look in a matter of seconds. Change the look of your accessories as quickly as you change your clothes, style, or mood!

This video demonstrates Style Dots’ patented interchangeable snap jewelry system.

What Are the Benefits of Snap Jewelry?

snap jewelryOnce you start using snap jewelry, you’ll never go back because the benefits are innumerable!

Versatility & Customization

As we mentioned above, snap jewelry literally allows you to create custom jewelry. You want to create a necklace with blue, green, and purple crystals to match your favorite sweater? With snap jewelry, you can! You’re only limited by your foundations and your imagination.

However, companies like Style Dots offer many different Foundation options, and hundreds of different snaps in varying styles and colors. You can find snaps covered in genuine crystals or made from natural stones. You can shop for snaps by color or by style. You can even shop for snaps by size—whether you want dainty snaps or bold snaps that make a statement.

Snap jewelry is highly versatile and customizable. You’re never limited to one style or color. Mix and match to your heart’s content. You’re always the one in charge!

Affordability & Sustainability

Because you can customize your jewelry to your specific style, tastes, and moods—and because you can mix and match your snaps and your foundations—snap jewelry is extremely affordable.

No need to buy every necklace, every ring, every bracelet, every set of earrings. With one or two new snaps, it’s like having a whole new set of accessories! This also contributes to much more sustainable practices. Reduced consumerism means reduced waste and a reduced drain on our natural resources.

Perfect for Gifting

A gift of snap jewelry is a gift that keeps on giving! Imagine this: You give a Foundation and one or two coordinating snaps to a dear friend or family member for a birthday or holiday. Then for each gift-giving occasion afterwards, you can continue to add to her collection with additional snaps and/or Foundations!

No more wondering what she likes, what she needs; no more impersonal gift cards! You have the perfect gift every time.

What Types of Snap Jewelry Are There?

snap jewelrySnap jewelry comes in almost every type of jewelry there is: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, watches, and even anklets!

Snap Necklaces

Necklaces will often feature a snap pendant where you can snap your interchangeable snap accent in and out. These can come in different shapes and sizes. Style Dots offers round snaps from 8 mm all the way up to 30 mm; they also have a 14 mm square.

Necklaces may feature a single snap base or multiple snap bases, giving you the opportunity to customize your necklace with snaps in varying styles and colors—or with multiple snaps that are all the same! Some necklaces may also be adorned with crystals or other visual elements that fit a particular style or trend.

Snap Bracelets & Snap Anklets

Like necklaces, snap bracelet and anklet foundations generally feature a pendant at the center of the chain where you can snap your interchangeable snap accent. Bracelets also may have more than one snap base so you can use multiple snaps in one piece.

Many bracelets will have additional stylistic features that fit the style or trend of the time.

Snap Earrings

You’ll find a wide variety of snap earrings: from hoops to drops to posts. The most important thing to remember with earrings is that you will always need TWO snaps: one for each ear!

Some interchangeable jewelry companies may offer additional ways to customize your earrings. Style Dots, for example, has Oval Hoop Earrings that you can attach Accents to; you just slide off the snap bases, and slide on the Accents! Or leave the bases attached, and add the Accents, as well. It’s all about customization!

Snap Rings

Rings are especially fun to be able to customize. Since you have to buy a ring in your exact size, being able to change the color and style of a single ring anytime you want is super convenient! Even if you have two or three ring Foundations that you love, you can still make it seem like you have tens or even hundreds of different rings, just by switching out the snap accents. Much better for storage—and your budget!

Snap Watches

Many companies, Style Dots included, offer watch faces or watch bands with snap bases giving you the ability to change the look of even that most basic of accessory!

What Materials & Styles Does Snap Jewelry Come In?

snap jewelryYou can find snap jewelry in a variety of materials and styles.

Diverse Materials

You’ll find interchangeable snaps in a variety of different materials. At Style Dots, our interchangeable snap bases are all made with premium metal alloys. Then the decorative elements vary:

Styles for Every Occasion

Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or cheering on your children or grandchildren at the football field, you’ll find interchangeable snaps and Foundations for every look!

At Style Dots, we offer a number of Collections—from our Forged to our Estate to our Bling to our Leather—you can find the Foundation you’re looking for.

When it comes to finding the perfect interchangeable snaps, you can shop by color, size, or style. You’ll find natural stone interchangeable snaps, Couture interchangeable snaps that are covered in crystals, and story interchangeable snaps that let the world know what your hobbies and interests are. You truly create your customized look with your perfect Foundation and your perfect interchangeable snap.

Snap jewelry is an amazing way to create affordable custom jewelry that expresses exactly who you are. Whether it’s a snap necklace, snap bracelet, snap ring, or snap bracelet—or a combination of all—interchangeable snaps give you the opportunity to create a custom look at an affordable price.

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