Ultimate guide to layering simple jewelry

2023 Ultimate Guide to Layering Necklaces

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Layering necklaces continue to be a top jewelry trend for 2023.

We love wearing multiple pieces at once for lots of reasons with being able to express our personal style being top on our list. Another reason we love layering jewelry is it gives us a chance to wear and enjoy more pieces in our collections. 

As the layered jewelry look continues its popularity, it isn’t showing any signs of stopping. Also called a ‘neckline stack’ or ‘neckline mess’, the layering look is all about mix and match, being fun, playful and even combining all types of metals and styles for a personalized look that expresses your unique self.

So let’s jump into our 2023 ultimate guide to layering necklaces!

Get Inspired and Determine Your Personal Look

The marketplace is chock full of styles, sizes and finishes for simple & dainty jewelry for layering, so it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Start by thinking about what pieces you feel best when you wear or styles you’ve seen on others that you’re drawn to. Are you a fan of the minimalist jewelry or mixed metal? Do you like a single metal like silver or gold? Think about friends, co-workers or even tv or film personalities that wear stack styles that you’re drawn to.

Style Dots has hundreds of jewelry experts (we call them boutique partners) who specialize in helping their clients put looks together for a necklace stack combination that works just for you! You can get help now from an expert near you. They’ll help you pick a combination of stacking necklaces that you’re sure to fall in love with and wear all the time.

Learn from the Experts and Copy Them

In school copying was shunned, but in real life, emulating the looks from others is highly encouraged! Once you’ve found some looks and styles you like, begin assembling a stack that’s all your own with the following in mind:

1. Mix & Match Different Styles, Lengths, and Metals

We love jewelry because it is a creative process and fun to experiment! It’s fun to try combining contrasting pieces and seeing how they look together. From classic pieces to modern geometric shapes, today’s trends include it all.

Experts will tell you that combining more simple and dainty necklaces with chunkier necklaces is a great way to give interest and variety to your neckline.

Simple & dainty layering jewelry looks



2. Use Different Lengths in your Layers

The key to successful layering is different lengths to your necklaces. If they’re all the same length, you have just a big mess and not pleasing layers of necklaces. Different lengths give you a nice waterfall or cascading effect and help your individual jewelry pieces stand out. One great tip is if you have existing necklaces that are currently the same length, just add a chain extender or two and voila! you’ve got a longer chain with little cost.

Necklace lengths layering jewelry

3. Personalize your Necklaces

Once you have a couple twisted or other simple necklace chains, look at how you can add a customized piece to the mix. Slide necklaces and charms are hot right now and are just the bit of personalization your look needs to stand on its own.

Hot necklace slides and charms

4. Don’t Forget Color!

Beginners will always tell you that it’s easiest to start layering using the same metal finish. But what about another pop or touch of color? Our favorite way is to use interchangeable jewelry bases and snap inserts as one of your necklace layers. Not only will these pieces draw the eye, but you can quickly snap out one color for another to coordinate with other colors in your wardrobe or style. Learn how interchangeable jewelry works before you purchase so you make sure you buy everything you need to get started.

5. Start Simple

We’ve covered a lot of information and it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Don’t feel like you’ve got to start out layering 4 or 5 necklaces! Start simple with two necklaces and add more as you become more comfortable.

6. Don’t Stress, Just have Fun!

If there’s any single point from this guide it is to remember the whole purpose of wearing jewelry–to have fun in your self-expression. You’ll see other posts or articles that give stuffy do’s and don’t’s for layering jewelry, but throw it to the wind. If you enjoy wearing particular pieces together, do it! The most important thing is to choose jewelry that won’t just sit in a box or in a drawer, but be worn by you and contribute to your self-confidence.

What’s Next…

You’ve learned from the experts, not it’s time to put things into practice and start building your own layering necklaces. Start shopping and explore our quality and affordable necklaces in a variety of styles, lengths and finishes.