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5 Best Prom Accessories and Prom Jewelry for 2023

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by Kim Hartman

You searched and searched and found the perfect dress for the prom! It’s going to be the perfect night. But do not overlook the importance of the perfect prom accessories to accentuate your dress and give just the right finishing touch to your overall prom look. At Style Dots, we’ve got unique prom jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and more. So read on for the 5 best prom accessories for 2023.

Prom Earrings

Prom Earrings

Bling Original Hoop Earrings with Pink Anemone Original Dot

The right pair of earrings will draw attention to your dress, as well as your gorgeously coiffed hair and your perfectly done makeup. If you’re wearing your hair in an upstyle, consider hanging earrings that will lengthen your neck and pull attention down to your dress. Our Bling Original Hoops allow you to customize your look by coordinating your earring color with the color of your dress; choose from a wide variety of Couture interchangeable snap accents. Or stick with the diamond theme and use Diamond Original Couture Dots that will match any color you’re wearing.

If you’re wearing your hair down or you want a more subtle look, try our Princess Earrings, a delicately classic diamond look. Or jump onto the pearl trend with our Pearl Cluster Earrings. Both styles offer an elegantly classic look for the wearer.

Prom Necklaces

Prom Necklaces

Baguette and Multi Bezel Necklaces

Next for your prom accessories, choose a necklace that is going to complement your dress, as well as your hairstyle. The Bling Original Necklace is a classic diamond-studded necklace that gives you the opportunity to, again, customize your look by choosing a centerpiece that coordinates with the color of your dress. The chain can also be adjusted by 3” to fit lower or higher on your neck, so it will fit with your dress’s neckline.

If you want to go bolder, choose the Bling Statement Necklace, which will make a huge statement on your neck, depending on the snap accent you choose to customize it with. Select a subtle color to complement your dress color, or go big and bold with a Couture Statement Dot that lets your friends know you’re Prom royalty—no matter how the votes add up.

If you want a more subtle look, the Princess or Pearl Cluster Slide is a great prom accessory choice; it can also be layered with our Multi Bezel Necklace for a delicate look with a little more bling.

Prom Bracelets

Style Square Bling Bracelet with Gray Allison Square

Bracelets are a great prom accessory that let you express your personality, while adding more charm and shine to your overall look. Go subtle with a single bracelet or layer them for a super on-trend look. The Bling Original Bangle is a gorgeous way to add glitz to your prom look while still customizing it with a snap accent in your color choice. It’s shiny, while subtle; wear it alone, or layer it with the Bezel Bracelet.

If you want some dimension, try our Style Square Bling Bracelet. Add a square or round snap accent to this bracelet, creating a very unique prom accessory.

Cuffs are extremely on-trend right now, as well; if you want to draw attention to your arms, try our Forged Cuff Bracelet. Wear it alone or layer it with any of our other bracelets for a bold look.

Prom Rings

Prom Rings

Dotlet Ring with Berry Glitter Dotlet

The next prom accessory is rings. You can choose a single ring or wear multiple rings—it’s up to you! But customize them to match your dress or your personality by choosing just the right snap accent. That’s the beauty of interchangeable jewelry!

The Bling Original Ring is a strong ring choice that will definitely draw attention to your hand—so if you have a manicure that you want everyone to notice, this is the ring for you! If you want something more delicate, try the Dotlet Ring; this ring is daintier and allows you to easily wear multiple rings. Or, for a really unique prom accessory, try the Square Ring. You can personalize it with square or round Dots—whichever you like best!

Now that you have all of your perfect prom accessories to go along with your perfect prom dress, you are set to have the best night of your life! Of course, the #1 prom accessory is your smile. So go have fun and don’t forget to share your smile with everyone!

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