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Biggest 2023 Prom Jewelry Questions Answered

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by Kim Hartman

You asked, and we’re answering! Your biggest questions about prom jewelry 2023. We’re here for you—to make sure that your prom accessories for prom 2023 are on point and that you are looking your finest! Read on to get the answers to all of your biggest prom jewelry questions.

What type of jewelry is best with halter dresses and other necklines?

Halter Neckline

Because halter dresses have a high neckline, you want to wear a simple chain that sits high on your neck or a pendant necklace. Our 17” Flat Ball Chain Necklace, Twisted Chain (in a Gold or Silver finish), or even our Paperclip Chain Necklace (in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold finishes) are all excellent options.

A pendant necklace is also a great option as it hangs low and creates a beautiful statement. The Bling Statement Necklace can hang 20” low and is bedazzled with gorgeous Crystals; you can also choose a snap accent for the centerpiece of the necklace that will complement your dress, giving you a personalized prom look.

V-Neck Prom Dress


Sweetheart Neckline

For dresses with V- or sweetheart-necklines, you have several options. You can wear a choker necklace like the 17” Flat Ball Chain. Depending on how deep the V is, you may also opt to wear a necklace that hangs lower, like the Bling Tassel Statement Necklace or the Classic Original Waterfall Necklace. A V- or sweetheart-neckline is also great for layering; the Dotlet Hex Necklace does the layering for you. Or you can easily layer several of our simple chains, such as the Slide Chain with the Princess Slide (for a little extra bling), the Twisted Chain, and the Multi Bezel Necklace.

Round-Neck Prom Dress

Round Neckline

Dresses that have a round neckline require necklaces that have a round shape. Don’t choose any necklaces that have a V-shape or pointed pendant. Your necklace should shadow your neckline. Many of the layering necklaces mentioned above would work beautifully with a round neckline.

What jewelry should I wear with a black dress?

Black Dress

The beauty of a black dress is that it’s so easy to accessorize! You can go with prom jewelry in a silver or gold finish—or even mix silver and gold. You can choose black accessories, or select an accent color that you want your prom accessories to highlight. With interchangeable jewelry, you can customize your prom accessories so easily!

For example, your dress is black, but you want your prom accessories to be teal. You can wear the Bling Original Necklace with the Teal Couture Original Dot; then choose additional teal snap accents for your bracelet, ring, and earrings.

You can also choose the Monochrome Cluster Original Dot, which is mostly black; but it also has AB Swarovski Crystals that reflect a rainbow of colors, so you can use those to inspire several different accent colors for your prom accessories.

How do I wear gold jewelry to prom if I have a cool skin undertone?

If you have a cool skin undertone, then lighter metals are going to work best for you. If you like the look of gold, you might consider rose gold. The pinkish hue is going to give you the lighter and softer tone that will work with your skin.

Try our Capri Original Necklace. It’s a beautiful rose gold and silver with Crystal accents, and you can personalize it with a snap accent that complements your dress. Finalize your look with Capri Huggy Hoops Earrings and our Capri Original Bracelet.

For those with warm skin undertones, yellow gold prom accessories work well with your skin undertones. And if your skin undertone is neutral, you’re one of those lucky ones who can wear whatever they want!

If you’re unsure of what kind of skin undertone you have, this guide will help you determine your skin undertones.

What accessories go best with a gold dress?

Gold Dress

Much like a black dress, when wearing a gold dress, you can wear gold or silver accessories; however, unlike a black dress, you don’t want to mix too many shades of metal together. That can cause the eyes to go a little wonky!

Instead, opt for a simple gold chain and bracelet, like our Gold Twisted Chain or Gold Bezel Necklace and Gold Bezel Bracelet. Or if you feel like being bolder, go for a statement necklace, like our Gold Classic Statement Pendant with our Gold Karen Statement Dot.

You can also wear silver jewelry; it will nicely offset the gold of your dress. Again, just be sure you’re not choosing too many shades of metals or accent colors. But don’t be afraid to go for the glitz and glamour! You chose a gold dress for a reason.

The most important part of choosing your prom accessories is choosing accessories that help you feel confident and happy. After all, this is your prom night! Choose pieces that reflect your personality, your style, and that, one day, when you look back at your photos, you’ll smile and remember what a fantastic night you had with your besties and bae!

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