fall 2023 jewelry trends

5 Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends: How We’re Accessorizing This Fall

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The biggest names in fashion have spoken, and the fall 2023 jewelry trends are already being seen across the country. This fall, you’ll see many returning trends, as well as a few new takes on old favorites.

Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends: #1 Layering & Stacking

fall 2023 jewelry trends

Silver Starburst Chain; Pearl Slide; Forged Statement Necklace with interchangeable Blue Mya Statement Dot

As InStyle writes, “Why wear one necklace when you can wear every necklace you own at the same time?” This very popular trend showed up at fall fashion shows everywhere. InStyle reports that designers “blended different necklace styles to create totally unique works of jewelry art” and recommend that you “don’t be afraid to play with very different lengths” (“Fall Jewelry Trends”).

Additionally, Asiana Times recommends experimenting with “combining delicate chains and chunky pendants, stacking dainty rings with statement pieces, or layering bracelets of varying widths and textures” (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”). Use this trend to express yourself and find your own style!

Our collection of Jemma Chains offers endless opportunities for layering; add Charms and Accents for additional ways to express your personality. Or add a “chunky pendant” with one of our Statement Necklaces and an interchangeable snap Statement Dot in your favorite color or style.

Add our Jemma Ring Stack and several of our delicate bracelet options for an even more customized layered and stacked look.

fall 2023 jewelry trends

Pearl Beaded Dotlet Bracelet with Natural Lapis Dotlet; Pearl Dotlet Bracelet with Blue Druzy Dotlet; Silver Starburst Chain

Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends: #2 Modern Pearls

Cosmopolitan reports, “Pearls are timeless classics. This season we saw modern iterations on the runway” (“5 Best Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends”). Pearls are no longer limited to being traditional and conservative. They’re now being combined with “unexpected elements” (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”). Asiana Times states that for fall 2023, designers are combining “traditional elegance with contemporary aesthetics” adding a “touch of sophistication to your outfits, making pearls a versatile choice for both day and evening wear” (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”).

Our Pearl Collection is both elegant and modern, combining classic faux pearls with crystals, a .990 high-polish silver finish, and interchangeable snap accents. This is where you can truly add your style and personality to your pearls, ranging from brightly-colored crystal snap Dots to natural stone snap Dots, easily taking your pearl accessories from day to night and anywhere in between.

Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends: #3 Mixed Metals

fall 2023 jewelry trends

Mixed Seed Chain; Gold Bezel Necklace; Estate Dotlet Necklace with Red Turquoise Dotlet; Mixed Seed Bracelet; Gold Bezel Bracelet; Dotlet Bolero Bracelet

“Mix metals with whimsy,” InStyle advises. “If you’re a silver person, start slowly getting into gold, and just play” (“Fall Jewelry Trends”). Gone are the days when you could only wear gold or silver. With today’s fashion, you don’t have to choose!

“Forget  about playing it safe with a single metal tone this all,” Asiana Times reports. “Mixing metals is all the rage, creating a dynamic and visually intriguing look” (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”). Additionally, textured metal surfaces are more popular: “Think hammered finishes…or intricate etchings to elevate your jewelry game this season” (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”).

Take advantage of Style Dots’ Gold CollectionForged Collection, with a hammered texture; and our Estate Collection, with intricate metal designs to create your flawless mixed-metal looks this fall. In addition, our Jemma Chains come in both gold- and silver-finish ideal for mixed-metal layering.

Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends: #4 Crystals & Gemstones

WhoWhatWear says that “Crystals are going to be big for fall” (“Fall Jewelry Trends 2023”). And they’re not just for nighttime! Vogue agrees, reporting that “gemstones and polished stones keep you grounded” this fall (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”).

Style Dots’ collections are bejeweled with crystals, gemstones, and natural stones—in both our Foundations and our interchangeable snap Dots. You can even shop by color to find your favorite color of crystals and customize your accessories exactly the way you want.

Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends: #5 Dainty Necklaces, Bracelets, & Earrings

fall 2023 jewelry trends

Gold Lapis Chain; Multi Bezel Necklace; Bling Dotlet Necklace with Natural Lapis Dotlet; Gold Lapis Bracelet; Bezel Bracelet

While Vogue reports that the “statement necklace is very much still in,” they also state that “less is more” with “barely-there bracelets, tiny earrings, and simple necklaces” (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”).

Style Dots Jemma Collection is a collection of dainty, minimalist necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings for those who prefer the “barely there” look. The accessories in the Jemma Collection have been specifically designed for layering or wearing alone for a chic, on-trend minimalist look.

We also have a monthly jewelry club for dainty jewelry called the Jemma Jewelry Box. You can learn more about it in this previous blog post. When you subscribe to the Jemma Jewelry Box, you’ll get two interchangeable snap Dotlets and a Slide each month for just $34.95—exclusive just to Jemma Jewelry Box subscribers!

The fall 2023 jewelry trends are all about being true to yourself and customizing your accessories for your style and personality.

To find your perfect fall 2023 jewelry, visit StyleDots.com today.