Fabulous Fall Fashion – An Easy Switch

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by Carol K. McCarthy –

Fabulous Fall Fashion

A change in seasons means a change in your wardrobe.  As Fall approaches you’ll get out your warmer clothes that are usually richer in color and in heavier fabrics.  The good news is that you don’t have to have an entirely new jewelry wardrobe for the seasonal changes!  Your jewelry can transition to Fall easily if you own the customizable Style Dots designs that make coordinating your look to any season a snap!

Our vast selection of Dots in a variety of metal finishes, a full spectrum of colors and many captivating styles, lets you simply snap out one Dot and snap in another to match whatever you want to wear for the day.  Change out your look in seconds to perfectly compliment your outfit, occasion or holiday!


Here are some of our favorite Statement Dots in Fabulous Fall colors. From left, Top row: Brown Olivia, Meadow Couture, Red Julianna, Yellow Anthem. Bottom Row: Brown Finesse, Lime Finesse, Orange Empress

What’s Trending For Fall 2021

Do you want to know what’s trending in the fashion world for Fall 2021?  Let Style Dots help!  Our designer, Claire, explores what styles are coming into vogue and what is going by the wayside.   She says that you can expect to see long chain necklaces and textured and mixed metal necklaces this Fall.  These will perfectly pair with the clothing trends of solid or tweed knit tops and blouses with open jackets and cardigans.

Another trend also comes with a deeper meaning.  Necklaces with key pendants are making comeback this Fall.  The key is a symbol that represents knowledge and success, the unlocking of a door to a promising future, independence, confidence and freedom.  We happen to think that our Bling Key Necklace also brings a touch of graceful beauty and light to your look with rows of sparkling crystals down the center of the key.

So you see, with just the simple snap of a Dot, you will easily be able to transition your look to Fall fashions.  Don’t stop there!  The genius of the Style Dots designs let you easily change your look every day, every occasion, every season!