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The Best Jewelry Subscription Box Services

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Subscription Box Popularity

Subscription boxes have become increasingly popular over the last several years. During the pandemic, subscription boxes became a great way for people to shop or continue participating in hobbies. But they have continued to grow! A report by EMR states that the global subscription box market was valued at more than $26.9 billion USD in 2022! And it’s expected to reach a value of $74.2 billion USD by 2028 (“Global Subscription Box Market”).

It’s no surprise, though. Subscription boxes are a great way to explore new hobbies, or build a collection of your favorite things!

Why Subscription Boxes?

jewelry subscription boxThere are several reasons people love subscription boxes.

  • Fun: Getting a box of goodies in your mailbox every month is just fun! It’s a nice break from the regular bills and junk mail.
  • Value: Most subscription box services offer products at a greatly reduced price!
  • Flexible contracts: Many subscription box services offer flexible contracts or no contracts at all, allowing you to cancel your service or put it on hold if money gets tight one month.
  • Specialized treatment: Often subscription box services will offer their subscribers some kind of specialized or personalized service—whether that’s insider sales or customized products.
  • Niche products/services: There are literally boxes for everything and everyone! No matter what you love, you can probably find a subscription box service for it. (“Trends in 2023”)

Jewelry Subscription Boxes

jewelry subscription boxIf you love jewelry, there are, of course, jewelry subscription boxes! Jewelry subscription boxes are a great way to build your jewelry collection a month at a time, in an affordable way. What could be better than getting a box in your mail each month filled with gorgeous jewelry just for you?

Style Dots’ Dot Club is a monthly jewelry subscription box that delivers stunning, exclusive interchangeable snap accents—or Dots—to your doorstep every month. Put your Dots in a variety of Foundations—necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings—and create a variety of looks with each monthly delivery! All of our jewelry is lead, cadmium, and nickel free; plus, it’s backed by our 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We only use quality crystals and other materials so you can buy and wear with confidence!

Why Style Dots Jewelry Subscription Box?

jewelry subscription boxIn addition to getting new, exclusive interchangeable snap accents each month, there are so many benefits to being a member of Dot Club, Style Dots’ jewelry subscription box.

  • Value: The monthly subscription price is $49.95. But each box is a $60-$100 value! Plus, you can cancel at any time—there are no contracts or hidden fees. And shipping is FREE!
  • Exclusive specials: Every month Dot Club members get access to a special, Dot Club-only product that is just for them! There are also exclusive sales just for jewelry subscription box subscribers.
  • Loyalty rewards: Loyalty has its rewards! For every three months you’re a member, you get a special reward.

There’s a reason that subscription boxes—and specifically, jewelry subscription boxes, have become so popular. They’re a great value, it’s the perfect way to build your jewelry collection, and it’s just FUN to get a surprise in the mail every month!

To learn more about Style Dots’ jewelry subscription box, visit today.