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by Carol K. McCarthy –


Let the Bling Necklace show off your favorite color Dot!

Style Dots offers many creative foundation designs to fit your sense of style.  Shown are just a few of the items we offer that let you show off your unique look; Black Leather Link Bracelet, with Natural Lapis DotBling Tassel Necklace with Teal Anthem Dot and Firenze Necklace with Firenze Dot.

Not Our Style

The other day I was with both of my twenty-something daughters and I showed them my perfectly fabulous new fashion find and raved about how it was just the coolest thing ever.  To my surprise, their reaction was less than enthusiastic.  “That’s just not our style, Mom,” they informed me.  Well, I guess that was really no surprise seeing as how our ideas about what constituted cool fashion began to diverge when they were about six years old and suddenly didn’t want to wear matching outfits any longer, but I still wanted to know why one style appeals to one person and not another.

Influences On Style

Here’s what I learned; our sense of style is influenced by what we see in magazines, on TV, at the store or by what our friends are wearing, but there is also the broader influence of our environment; one person might prefer earthy naturals and another person might be more attracted to an urban modern style.  But dig a little deeper and you will discover that there is an innate sense of what we like in all of us that comes from within despite outside influences. For example, while both my daughters love the trending gray and white color scheme – the outside influence of a trend – one daughter prefers it in a very minimalist contemporary setting, the other decorates her home with shabby chic farmhouse staging, each creating a look that is uniquely theirs.

Recognizing Your Own Innate Sense of Style

Have you ever gone to a store or browsed through a catalog where dozens of lovely items were on display, yet for all your searching nothing really caught your eye?  Then, when you turned a corner or a page you spotted it; a piece that “spoke” to you, that nudged your heart and gave you a sense of satisfaction as you gazed upon it?  That, my friend, is your deep-seated sense of style letting itself be known.

Whatever that style is, there will be a list of adjectives to describe it.  It might be classified as edgy, contemporary, simple or classic. Or maybe words like dressy, sporty or retro will best describe what appeals to you.  While we are not bound to stay within one classification and often wear other designs as occasions warrant, we do tend to return to our favorites often.  But sometimes even those favorites can become a little humdrum and we might wish we could update them in some way.  But how?

A New Style Find

The new piece I raved about to my daughters was purchased in an attempt to freshen up my look because I was in a fashion slump.  But I didn’t want to go out and buy all new things.  I wished there was a way to get a fresh look without the hassle.  It was then that I discovered Style Dots!  And let me tell you how it can help you find your own style! Style Dots offers a broad range of options in their jewelry, accessory and handbag lines, so many that everyone will find pieces that appeal to their own unique preferences.   These foundations are completely customizable letting you update your look as often as you wish!  Simply combining Style Dots foundation pieces (available in many alluring designs!) with any of their vast array of Dots (in many colors and patterns), you can create a fresh and unique look anytime.  This innovative company offers products that allows your individual personality to shine!

The Firenze Necklace sports the Firenze Dot, but would look equally lovely with (from right to left) the Natural Lapis, Teal AnthemRed Twinkle Gold or Neutral Flair Original Dots.

Style That’s Fashionable and Fresh!

My daughters and I all found pieces in the Style Dots collection that appealed to our own unique fashion sense.  Furthermore, we are able to keep things fresh by simply changing out our Dots for a whole new look or to match a recent addition to our wardrobe.  The company is always expanding their line to keep abreast of trends in color and design while maintaining the more classic and traditional lines.  Finally, we have found a source for jewelry and accessories where we can ALL truthfully say, “That’s my style!”

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