Dot Club – Membership Has Its Privileges!

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Did you know that Style Dots now offers a unique and exciting subscription service known as Dot Club where you can receive a stunning set of Dots (and more!) mailed to you each month?  It’s become so popular that we have even sold out all available slots in past months.   Here are some of the rave reviews our Dot Club members have given:

“Oh goodness!  The Dot Club Dots just get better and better!  Love them!” – Nilsa T.

“These Dots are simply amazing!” Terri S.

“Got mine today.  I love, love, love, them.  How do you say, ‘Out ‘da park good!'”– Kim B

“These Dots are so classy! Love!” Karen M.


What is the incredible appeal of this fun Club?  Once you learn about all the benefits that come with a Dot Club membership, you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s the perfect Club for you and just about everyone you know!  Let’s explore some of the reasons why.


A woman opened her Dot Club box and is looking at her beautiful Dots.

Each month when you open your distinctive Dot Club box, a new set of Dots in your color choice awaits you! What an exciting and easy way to add to your Dot collection.

Exclusive Designs

Each month our subscribers receive a distinctive polka-dotted box in the mail.  Inside, carefully nestled in a bed of crinkle paper and wrapped in dotty tissue paper you’ll find a set of gorgeous Dots.  The designs vary from month to month, sometimes more blingy, sometimes more all-occasion, but always exclusive to Style Dots and to our Dot Club members.  There is no other way to get your hands on these Dots than to be a member of Dot Club.  The sets vary each month and might include a Couture Dot, Original Dots and/or a Statement Dot.  There’s even a cute inspirational card inside every box that’s lovely enough to post on your bulletin board!

The gorgeous Dots you receive each month let you customize your Style Dots jewelry and accessories, of course! Our interchangeable Dots and Foundation pieces let you create the look you love to match whatever you’re wearing or to fit any occasion.

Necklace, earrings, Bracelet, Dot Booklet and Dots are shown

You can earn these exclusive Dot Club Loyalty awards when you maintain your Dot Club subscription continuously for months. Earn a different Foundation or Dots for each milestone month you achieve.

You Have Choices!

All first-time subscribers will receive this gorgeous Starter Set so they have a foundation for their Dots and a few Dots to start.  Every month thereafter you will have two color choices for your Dot Club box.  Choose your favorite color and although the design remains a fun secret, you can be assured that the Dots you receive will be in colors you love!

You also have the choice to suspend your Dot Club for a time for any reason and to activate it again when the time is right.  You are in control!  No minimum number of months as with some other clubs.  And if you have to cancel your subscription, you can easily rejoin whenever you choose and your membership will pick up where it left off.

Exclusive Sales and Bonuses!

As a perk for being a member of Style Dots, you will have access to our exclusive Sales Events that offer a range of beautiful Dots and Foundations.   Every month we also offer you Bonus items that are Dot-related products.  In the past these items have included; Mini Dot Booklets (for storing your Dots!), Earrings and other exclusive Dot designs.  With new items offered every month, you’re going to want to stay around to see it all!   And, just to keep things really interesting, we will sometimes tuck a special little something into each box!


Get rewarded for being a Dot Club ambassador. Refer friends and family to join in the excitement! When they join and stay for at least three months, you get a gift! The more people you refer, the more gifts you can earn.

Get Rewarded!

You’re going to love being a member of Dot Club so much that you’ll want to stay in it for months to come.  When you remain a member for at least three months, we reward you!  The longer you stay, the more rewards you can earn.  We reward members for maintaining their subscription for three, six, nine, twelve, fifteen, eighteen and twenty-four consecutive months.  Rewards include an exclusive Statement Dot, Original Couture Dots, Necklaces, Earrings and a Bracelet. This gives you many more opportunities to show off your growing Dot collection!

More Than Just a Subscription Service

We also offer a fun online community in our Dot Club Facebook Group.  Join the group and learn fun ways to customize your Dot Club Jewelry.  You can also post pictures of your favorite combinations, ask questions and share in the excitement as boxes start arriving on doorsteps each month!

At only $39.95 a month, Dot Club is affordable and fun!  Memberships can even be given as gifts!  Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out!  Join Now!

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