Model with layered necklaces in bright colors

Exciting Trends For The Coming Year!

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by Carol K. McCarthy –


It’s such a great feeling to have the confidence that comes from knowing you are wearing the latest styles and trending designs.  At Style Dots our jewelry reflects many of the upcoming trends but also lets you personalize your look by allowing you to combine our interchangeable Dots and Foundations in an almost endless number of combinations.  We’ll share some of the trends you can expect to see in this new year, some styles that are continuing in popularity and also ways for you to customize either of these looks to reflect your own unique personality.

Some of the newer trends you can expect to see this year are; brightly coloured jewelry, bold accents and chunky chains.  For bright colors Style Dots offers several bracelets and necklaces that are created with lots of colorful beads.  You can add a colorful Dot in either a complementary or contrasting color to further brighten up any of these looks.  Or try any of our Gold, Rose Gold or Silver finish Foundations and add colorful Dots for that vibrant look that’s so in vogue!  Style Dots jewelry offers even more ways for you to add bursts of color by adding any of our fun Charms, Accents and Teardrops that are available in a huge number of colors of including all birthstone hues as well.  For bold accents, nothing is bolder than our Statement Necklaces, Drops and Pendants.  These ample pieces let you show your adventurous side by snapping in eye-catching and remarkable Dots that come in so many different styles, colors and designs.  In the chunky chain category you will find our geometric Paperclip Chains and Bar Drop Necklaces in a variety of lengths and finishes.  Our Classic Link Statement Necklace, Firenze Statement Necklace, the Forged Statement Necklace and the Black Leather Link Necklace are all known for their bold and chunky chains that make it so easy for you to be on trend when you wear them.
Models show off teal and amethyst jewelry and teardrop accents

On the left: our model shows off our Classic Oval Hoop Earrings with added Teal Zircon Teardrop Accents, Classic Link Statement Necklace with a Teal Cluster Couture Statement Dot and a Flat Ball Chain that is available in three lengths. On the right she’s showing off the Amethyst Teardrop Accents with a Purple Beaded Wrap Necklace.

Some looks are continuing strong, such as charms, layering necklaces and natural elements such as Pearl and Shell.  We see silver jewelry starting to pull ahead in popularity and the gold trend taking a back seat.  Anklets are beginning to trend!  Merging two of those trends, you can expect to see more long necklaces with charms!  And, of course, Style Dots offers pieces in every single one of these categories.  Our cute Charms are available in a variety of finishes, styles and sizes and can be added to our necklaces, earrings and bracelets for added interest, color and just plain fun!  Layering necklaces has never been easier with our many offerings that let you mix and match chains.  We also have Pearl and Shell Dots in several sizes and colors so you can show off this natural trend.
Models show off necklaces, chains, watches and earrings.

Left: Model wears Capri Huggy Hoop Earrings, Capri Original Necklace with Luster Rose Gold Original Dot, Rose Gold Paperclip Necklace with a Capri Charm. Middle: Model is wearing Classic Oval Hoop Earrings with Coral Quantum Original Dot, Bar Necklace with Statement Drop and Sand Dollar Couture Statement Dot, Paperclip Chain, Flat Ball Chain, Interlinks Glitter Watch Face and Interlinks Bracelets, Bar Bracelet and Paperclip Bracelet with Capri Charm. Left: Model is wearing Classic Dotlet Hoop Earrings with Ruby Accents, Paperclip Necklaces in two lengths, Interlinks Necklace with Ruby Teardrop, Interlinks Bracelet with Interlinks Apple Watch Bling Connector with Fuchsia Original Dots.

At Style Dots we closely follow the trends so we can offer you the latest colors, patterns and styles so you can always appear at your best.  Shop with confidence!