Statement Necklace

Finding Your Perfect Statement Necklace: A Guide

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The Statement Necklace Is Here to Stay

Statement Necklace

The report is in: Statement jewelry is on trend this spring and summer! As I previously reported in our spring/summer trends post, according to a VP at Saks Fifth Avenue, “We’ve been in a trend where we’ve seen smaller jewelry for a very long time, and I think people are ready to buy more and bigger and more colorful” (“Jewelry Trends”).

Caroline Maguire, Shopbop fashion director, says that “shoppers are loving bright and festive charmed jewelry right now.” She continues, “The…vibe for 2023’s jewelry trends, it seems, is happy, and nothing guarantees a good time like a bit of sparkle” (“Jewelry Trends 2023”). Elana Zajdman of the Zoe Report adds that 2023’s jewelry trends are about “pieces that spark joy” (“The Biggest Jewelry Trends”).

Statement NecklaceWhat Is a Statement Necklace?

Bigger, colorful, bright, festive, sparkly…where can you find all of this in a piece of jewelry? In a statement necklace, of course! A statement necklace is a necklace that makes a statement when you put it on; basically, it’s a necklace that’s going to get noticed! A statement pendant necklace is a necklace that has a large charm—or pendant—that hangs from the chain. But before investing time and money in the perfect pendant for your statement necklace, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions.

Designer Sewit Sium suggests when you look at pendants you ask yourself “Is it classic? Does it have longevity? What’s the story?” She further says that if she can “walk away from a piece of jewelry, then it’s not for me. If it feels like an obsession, then it’s on” (“The Biggest Jewelry Trends”).

Interchangeable Pendants for the W

Chunky Statement Necklace

Because of the investment required in larger pieces of jewelry like statement necklaces, you may want to consider interchangeable jewelry. With interchangeable snap jewelry, you can buy a pendant foundation and then find several different snap accents that not only feel like an “obsession,” as Sium described above, but that also go with your wardrobe and occasion and make just the right statement.

For example, Style Dots has silver and gold pendant foundations in three different sizes. So you can choose the metal that you like best (or both!), then you can choose snap accents, or Dots, to change up your pendant depending on where you’re going, what you’re wearing, or even just your mood for that particular day. It’s much more cost-effective than having to buy several different complete statement necklaces!

You can choose snap accents in different colors and even in different textures—snaps that are completely blinged out or snaps that are more subtle. Do you want a chunky statement necklace or a refined statement necklace? It’s up to you! Interchangeable snap accents make creating your custom pendant so easy. And so perfectly you!

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