Five Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Should Own

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by Carol K. McCarthy –

Today’s woman is on the go and multitasking is the norm.   Since there isn’t always extra time to spend on choosing the right jewelry for the day’s hectic schedule, busy women need a jewelry collection that can multitask too!  Style Dots has the perfect solution! Simply fill your jewelry box with an array of Dots in your favorite colors and these five jewelry essentials; short necklace, long necklace, earrings, a ring and a bracelet. Then create jewelry combinations using this ingenious Style Dots interchangeable system and your jewelry can be ready in a snap for any event on your schedule!

A model is wearing a short necklace.

A short necklace frames your face and adds a sparkle to your features. Shown is the Rose Gold Single Necklace – also available in Gold and Silver – with the Summer Contempo Rose Gold Dot. Our model is also wearing the Rose Gold Classic Hoop Earrings with Rose Gold Tassels and Summer Brilliance Rose Gold Dots.

A Short Necklace – Your necklace is the first thing people see after they look at your face.  In fact, your necklace frames your face and draws attention there. A shorter necklace is a must as it fits most necklines and can add an element to your look that can be very chic, simple, classy or elegant.  A short necklace is the ideal selection for most daily activities and very appropriate for the workplace.  It’s also the perfect companion piece for a layered look when paired with a long necklace.

Choose a necklace style that goes with most of the clothes you wear, acquire a collection of Dots in your most frequently worn colors and you’ll be well on your way to creating your essential jewelry collection.  Since you can easily swap out your Dots to match whatever clothing you choose, creating your perfect jewelry look could be the simplest step you take when getting ready each day.

A long necklace is shown on a solid color outfit.

A long necklace adds interest to a solid top or dress. It pairs easily with outfits from casual to dressy, boho to elegant. The model is wearing the Style Stacks Long Necklace in Navy with a Square Classic Drop and a Black Lauren Square Dot.

A Long Necklace – A long necklace is a must for creating a classic silhouette when you’re wearing sweaters or dresses in solid colors.  An opera length necklace (32 inches long) is perfect for evening wear or dressier occasions.  However, when paired with an open jacket or cardigan, the same necklace can appear more casual.  Having necklaces in both long and short lengths gives you the added bonus of layering the two together for a trendy and even more fashionable vibe.

Style Dots has long necklace in several styles; sleek classic, bling accented and mixed-metal are just a few!  There are also Drop Necklaces with chains, beads and many options to add Drops, Charms or Pendants to create an almost endless number of fashionable looks.   You’ll find that your long necklace will be one of your most customizable pieces in your jewelry wardrobe!


A model shows off her earrings, ring, bracelet and necklace.

Adding rings and earrings to your jewelry wardrobe creates a completed and intentional look. The model is wearing Classic Dotlet Earrings, Dotlet Ring, Dotlet Combination Bracelet with and Classic Dotlet Necklace with a variety of our Dotlets in shades of purple.

A Pair of Earrings – Wearing a pair of earrings gives you a polished and finished look.  Earrings add a degree of sophistication to your ensemble which helps you feel more confident.  They also catch the light when you move which adds sparkle to your countenance and spirit of cheer to your demeanor.  Choose post back or small hoop earrings for a demure and understated look or playful dangles or large hoop earrings for a more spirited air.  Mid-size hoop earrings or earrings with smaller drops are always in style and are attractive and appropriate for most any occasion.

A Ring – Rings are a nice addition to your look and are known for adding a touch of refinement to your style.  Rings are also delightful in that, along with bracelets, are the pieces of jewelry that you can also enjoy as you wear them.  Who hasn’t lifted her hand to gaze at her beautiful ring or bracelet?  Style Dots offers rings in a wide range of styles and sizes so you can wear one on any finger you choose and not just on your ring finger.  Wearing multiple rings is also a trend that has been getting attention lately with celebrities showing up on the red carpet sporting this fab look.


Two bracelets are shown on a model.

Bracelets can add a look of sophistication, a touch of playfulness or a pleasantly pretty addition to your ensemble. Model is wearing the Interlinks Starter Bracelet with an Interlinks Statement Setting and Pink Blaze Statement Dot, and the Interlinks Bling Bar.

Bracelet – A Bracelet adds a cultivated look to your wardrobe, especially when coordinated with your other jewelry selections.  Choose a chain bracelet for a classic look, beaded bracelets for a more casual feel, or stack a few coordinating bracelets for a fun, boho vibe.  Style Dots offers many styles of bracelets including, cuff, large and small chain links, silk cords, beaded and leather.  You’re sure to find a the perfect bracelet that resonates with your sense of style.

If you’d like to have even more options, check out our new Interlinks Bracelet system that lets you create an almost endless number of looks by changing out various elements such as, links, charms, connectors and Dot Settings.  Adding your favorite Original, Statement or Square Dots brings out the designer in you and helps you put together looks with artistic flair.

Owning these five essential pieces (and a collection of Dots!) allows you to accessorize for just about every occasion, event or daily activity easily and with style.  You’ll feel more confident, able and pleased with your appearance when you know that you look your best.  Start your essential collection today!

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