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Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide 2023: Gifts She’ll Treasure

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Whether you’re ready or not, the 2023 holidays are upon us! Which means it’s time to start holiday shopping. For some, this is the best part of the holidays; but for others, holiday shopping can be a painful process: trying to figure out what each person on your gift list wants or needs; figuring out a budget; going from store to store to find that perfect gift; and, of course, all the people and traffic!

That is why we have put together a Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide to help you find the perfect gift for the most special people in your life this holiday season.

Jewelry As a Gift

When you gift someone jewelry, it’s a gift that they will always remember. Every time they wear it, they will think of you. It’s a gift that lasts. And giving the gift of interchangeable jewelry is an extra special gift because you can continue adding to the gift over the years with new interchangeable snaps, like birthstone snaps or with a jewelry subscription, and Foundations.

The Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

Our Gift Guide is divided into four sections:

This makes it easy to find the perfect gift within your budget. Just click on the section you wish to shop in.

Holiday Jewelry Gift Under $50

Our Gifts Under $50 include several on-click interchangeable starter sets, such as a necklace and interchangeable Dot, earrings and two Dots, and a gorgeous baguette necklace and earring set.

holiday jewelry giftIf you know someone who loves natural stones, the Classic Dotlet Earrings with two Malachite Dotlets are a great choice! The simple shepherd’s hook earrings shine when you snap in the deep green natural malachite interchangeable snap Dotlets. Get additional Dotlets to snap in and out of the earring Foundations for even more looks!

holiday jewelry giftHave a princess on your list? The Princess Slide and Short Slide Chain are the perfect choice! This super sparkly slide shimmers with genuine crystals. And the slide chain is a great starter for so many additional options: add additional Slides or Accents for a custom look!

holiday jewelry giftPearls are super trendy right now. And the Pearl Dotlet Necklace is a beautifully modern take on the pearl with the included Blue Druzy interchangeable Dotlet providing a brilliant pop of color.

Holiday Jewelry Gift Under $100

The one-click sets in the Under $100 category give the recipient even more shimmer and shine from the outset.

holiday jewelry giftIf you are looking for a Hanukkah gift, this set is perfect: a Flat Ball Chain with an Original Pendant and a crystal-encrusted Star of David Original interchangeable Dot provide the base. Then the recipient can add a second layer with a Slide Chain and Aquamarine Slide. The result is stunning!

holiday jewelry giftKnow someone who adores gold? This one-click set makes a brilliant statement! The Gold Twisted Chain sparkles like none other; add to it the Gold Classic Statement Pendant and the Gold Kingsley Statement interchangeable Dot, and it is an eye-catcher! Gold Trio Bezel Earrings finish up this golden look.

Holiday Jewelry Gift Under $150

Got a little more to spend? The gifts in the Under $150 category are sure to delight.

holiday jewelry giftFor those pink and pearl girls, this is the perfect pairing! Start with a pair of Pearl Dotlet Earrings: crystal and pearl shepherds-hook earrings and add in two Pink Bling interchangeable Dotlets. Pearls plus pink bling are perfection! Then add a Rope Slide Chain with a Pearl Bead Slide to her neck. And, finally, top it off with the Pearl Dotlet Bracelet—two pearls alongside the crystal Rose Solitaire interchangeable Dotlet—for the sweetest pink and pearl look ever!

holiday jewelry giftHave a purple lover in your life? This set is a purple delight! Start with the Interlinks Necklace. This necklace is SO fun because you can customize it incredibly easy! This set comes with a Dotlet Charm and the Purple Kylie interchangeable Dotlet (along with a Triggerless Clasp to attach the charm), an Amethyst Teardrop Accent, and two Silver Tassels. Attach all of those to the necklace for a really unique, enchanting look. Then add a second layer: the Rope Slide Chain with the Amethyst Slide. A purple dream!

Holiday Jewelry Gift Under $200

If someone is on Santa’s super nice list, then the gifts in the Under $200 category will leave them oohing and aahing.

holiday jewelry giftTurquoise is uber popular, and this set is ideal for turquoise and teal lovers—and offers brilliant layering options! Three beautiful chains are the basis of this set: the Flat Ball Chain, the Silver Starburst Chain, and the Multi Bezel Necklace. The Classic Dotlet Pendant with the interchangeable Turquoise Dotlet can be attached to either the Flat Ball or Starburst Chain, then stack all three. Add in the Dotlet Bolero Bracelet with the Aqua Alexa interchangeable Dotlet and the Trio Bezel Earrings for a stylish finished look. The earrings are perfect for second piercings, as well. As with any of our interchangeable Dots, you can always buy more Dotlets to snap in and out of your Foundations for hundreds of more looks!

holiday jewelry giftAnother popular trend is the mixed-metal look. This set includes a dazzling mix of silver and gold finishes. Start with the Gold Classic Dotlet Necklace and Gold Kingsley interchangeable Dotlet; the genuine AB crystal in the center adds just a little bit of sparkle. Then put on the Gold Dotlet Hoop Earrings with two Gold Medallion interchangeable Dotlets, which also feature a genuine AB crystal in the center. A great feature of the Hoop Earrings is you can wear them with or without the Dotlets, making them super versatile! Add a second layer to your necklace stack with the Mixed Seed Chain. Then finish the look with the Mixed Seed Bracelet.

All of our gift sets have been carefully curated by our in-house jewelry designer and are available with just one click, making your holiday shopping quick and easy.

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