How A Tough Reality Check Led To This Decision

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We weren’t prepared for the answer to the question that Style Dots co-owner Karen Green recently asked of our Boutique Director, Jane Perry.  The conversation started with Jane saying that Style Dots has changed her life in so many ways.  Karen then asked Jane a very personal question and the answer was a little shocking to say the least.  Karen asked why, since Jane is married to a Doctor of Internal Medicine and living the good life (okay, Karen actually said, “.. and you’re loaded!”), would Jane have ever started her own social selling business with Style Dots.  Jane’s answer actually caused us to flinch.  She said, “What if my husband died?”  Whoa!  Things just got real!

While Jane and her husband have purchased life insurance, that benefit would run out before long, and, since Jane couldn’t replace his income with her chosen professions, she would eventually find herself in a financial predicament.  Then Jane quoted a very wise saying; “I’d better dig my well before I need water”.  Such wisdom!  And so, Jane made the decision to become a Boutique Partner with Style Dots to start earning money to prepare for the future.

Jane then shared the benefits of a Style Dots career compared to her other two professions as RN and Realtor.  “In Nursing I always got the new girls and had to train them but was never compensated monetarily.  When you build a team with Style Dots you get a leadership bonus for helping others advance.  In Real Estate, every month you start over from zero and go for the next sale.  And, as you know, neither Nursing or Real Estate offers you residual income, but with Style Dots you can build a foundation of team members and customers and you get paid on the retail value of their orders. There is also a director’s pool where you can get a piece of the pie, so to speak, as an additional chunk of income.

In addition to earning income and bonuses, our Boutique Partners get recognized for the accomplishments they achieve in their Style Dots Business.

While the income she makes with Style Dots is helping her create a more stable financial future, Jane is also enjoying the extra things she is able to do with the income she is generating now. Jane was thrilled to be able to pay for her grandson’s expensive tutoring with her Style Dots earnings.  She is also a pilot and has been able to cover the expenses for her airplane as well.  Jane says that the extra income, “gives me a lot of freedom”.  And isn’t financial freedom something we all wish for?

Jane says that the benefits of Style Dots extend beyond the money you can make.  Recently Jane was able to announce to her husband that she had earned a free trip for the two of them with Style Dots.  She said that the adoration in his eyes at that moment was wonderful and so heartwarming!  Then there is the dynamic and cutting-edge Style Dots training which is available online 24/7, and is free for all Boutique Partners.  Additionally, there is the Style Dots Sisterhood and the chance to make new friends who celebrate your accomplishments with you.  When Jane sees her new team members achieve their goals, walk the stage and get applauded maybe for the first time in their lives, Jane says that is her high!

Our Boutique Partners can earn a trip to a tropical location for themselves and a guest as part of our amazing incentive program.

So, if you are asking yourself the hard questions about your financial future and if your reality is that you need an additional source of income for financial stability, consider joining Style Dots as Jane did.  As a company with expert leadership and training, a great compensation plan, supportive sisterhood and a fun way to achieve your financial goals, Style Dots is the smart choice!