Just $99 to Join Style Dots until Feb 29, 2016!

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Lost Opportunities

Have you ever had some great opportunity come your way but you hesitated too long and missed out?  I’m sure you kicked yourself and made a promise to your future self to never let another great deal like that go by.  So we just wanted to give you a heads-up that one of those great deals is about to present itself to you and we hope you’re ready to jump right in and not let this one get away!

We know you love the Style Dots line; that amazing customizable jewelry system with the fabulous, foundation pieces, but we don’t know if you would like this rare opportunity to own your own Style Dots Boutique for half the usual investment to join.

Why People Seek our Opportunity

We have heard from many of our Boutique Partners as to why they wanted to partner with Style Dots and open their own Style Dots Boutique.  Their reasons are varied and may echo your own reason why you are seeking an opportunity.  Some wanted to get Style Dots jewelry at a discount, some wanted to a have a fun night out of the house.  Others desired extra income for college funds, home improvements or a new car.  Still others hoped to quit a job in away from home and spend more time with their family while still earning good money.  Whatever the reason, Style Dots was the answer.

 The Great (Limited Time) Style Dots Offer

For the month of February 2016 we will be offering a $99 Style Dots “Fresh Start” Showcase to help you start your own Style Dots business without straining the budget.  Here’s what you get:

  • Four of our most popular foundation pieces packaged in colorful organza logo bags
  • Ten Dots (12mm) in a broad range of colors & styles
  • Business/marketing supplies – enough for your first two or three Boutique Socials
  • 1 Month Free website fee (only $9.95 a month)
  • A Boutique Partner Manual for learning the business from the pro’s
  • Free year-round online training
  • All packaged in a sturdy and pretty Style Dots box good for transporting or displaying your Style Dots merchandise

You will most likely earn back your very modest investment at your first social! After that, it’s all income with the potential to earn free jewelry and trips!

She Who Hesitates…

Don’t delay as this offer won’t be repeated for a long while.  This could be a vehicle that leads you to attain your financial goals.  Don’t let this one get away!  Join us now!