Marla’s Story – Style Dots Has Been Such A Blessing!

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by Carol K. McCarthy –
Style Dots has been such a  Blessing in my life!
I have been in direct sales 25 plus years, no matter if I was home with my girls growing up, working part time or full time.  I joined Style Dots February of 2015.  I reached out to a Boutique Partner of Style Dots after seeing her post on Facebook.  I was definitely impressed by the product and the concept but most of all with Karen & Gina as the owners.  I have never met owners of any direct selling group that were as personable as Karen and Gina are with all of us.  Previously I was with Miche and was especially thrilled to watch as Karen & Brian walked the Stage.  They were such an inspiration and support for their team and others.  I was sold !!!!  I thought I have to try this!  That’s all it took.
Marla with some of her team members and Marla with Gina and Karen, co-owners of Style Dots, whom she counts among her blessings.

Marla has thrived in Style Dots and has earned the right to walk the stage herself with the people she so admired and who she had watched walk the stage in previous years. She now has a team of her own that she can inspire and support.

When I joined, the first thing I thought of was how can I help with our finances to relieve the stress of my husband so he doesn’t have to work so hard.  I love sharing our product and helping my clients look and feel beautiful and through that sharing Style Dots has blessed us financially with vacations every year and with being able to spend more time together.  Also, I’ve been blessed personally in my personal growth, increase in confidence, and being able to be an inspiration and encouragement to others. I have met Boutique partners from many states and have made lifelong friendships.  Conference every year & fellowship with our Sisterhood is the highlight of our year. Again, such a Blessing!
Marla considers it a blessing that she could be with five of her team members at a recent National Style Dots Conference

Pictured with some of her team members at a recent National Conference, Marla has helped others achieve their financial and personal goals just like she was helped years ago. As she was blessed by Style Dots, now she can be a blessing to others.

I have so much to be thankful for in my journey with Style Dots and so excited to see what the future holds for me and this wonderful company!
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