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Mix-and-Match Earrings: A How-To Guide

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When buying earrings, there’s not a lot to think about: they generally come in pairs and each earring matches. But when it comes to wearing earrings, you have more mix-and-match earrings options: (1) multiple piercings; (2) interchangeable earrings; and (3) mismatched earrings.

Mix-and-Match Earrings for Multiple Piercings

When your ears have multiple piercings, you’ll want to mix-and-match your earrings for a cool, on-trend look. There are a few different ways you can do this. If you want a more minimalist look, try mixing and matching studs. Studs come in so many different sizes and styles; they can come with crystals and gemstones or just in a metal finish. Mix-and-match different-sized diamond studs, or pearls with flowers, or squares with circles, or stars with moons. The options are endless!

You can also mix-and-match studs and hoops. Depending on your outfit (or mood that day), change up your style of studs and your size of hoops. You can mix and match your metals, as well. Combine silver and gold—there are no rules when it comes to mix-and-match earrings!

If you want, wear double hoops! Mix-and-match your hoop sizes: tiny hoops and large hoops. Gold hoops and silver hoops. Crystal-covered hoops and metal-finish hoops. The fun of mix-and-match earrings is expressing your style and your personality.

Mix-and-Match Earrings with Interchangeable Jewelry

One of the greatest qualities of interchangeable jewelry is its customizability. When it comes to mix-and-match earrings, you have seemingly limitless choices! Choose your earring foundation, and then choose your interchangeable snap Dot. You can choose by color, by style, by size. And each earring can match; or you can mix it up and choose different Dots for each earring: mix-and-match!

With Style Dots’ hoop earring Foundations, you can also customize them with Accents. Select an Accent in your favorite color, your birthstone, or a color to match your OOTD. Again, you can choose the same Accents for both earrings, or mix-and-match colors for your favorite sports team, holiday, or season.

Mix-and-Match Earrings That Are Mismatched

InStyle reports that “asymmetry was a major trend on this year’s Fall/Winter runways, especially when it came to earrings” (“Fall Jewelry Trends”). Models were wearing mismatched earrings, such as studs in one ear and dangly earrings in the other ear.

However you choose to mix-and-match your earrings, Style Dots has a large selection of on-trend earrings to get you started.

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