New Year, New You, No Stress!

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I know what you’re thinking; implementing New Year’s resolutions are so exhausting! How do you reinvent yourself without struggling impossibly in the process? Here are three simple little steps you can take to unveil a calmer, more confident, newer you.

Plan Ahead

All of us have experienced moments when we were running behind, which then caused us to rush around the rest of the day trying to catch up. Combat this problem by doing a mental run-through of your upcoming day to make sure you have everything prepared that you will need. Make your lunch the night before, and also set out your outfit, jewelry and other accessories so that your morning will proceed calmly. Style Dots jewelry makes having matching jewelry a snap, literally! You simply snap out the colorful Dots that went with the outfit you wore today, and snap in a new set of Dots to match tomorrow’s outfit.

Go For Versatility

Many of us go from work to social events with no time in between. Choose clothing that can be dressed up or dressed down with just a quick change of sweater or shoes. Even your Style Dots jewelry can be casual by snapping in the natural or whimsical dots, or dressed up with our Solitaires or Ice or Pearl Dots.

You should have a handbag that is as versatile as your clothing and jewelry. Use your roomy Style Dots Tote by day to carry all your essentials and, for evening events, simply unsnap and pull out your sleek Style Dots Hip Bag. Both the Tote and the Hip Bag also allow you to snap in a Statement Dot of your choice to match your outfit!

Increase Your Worth

If you are losing sleep over unpaid bills, or are experiencing increased anxiety due to your inability to pay for medical bills or needed car and house repairs, then Style Dots can also be the answer to these problems by helping you boost your income. A small investment can start you on the path to reach your financial goals. No more losing your beauty sleep!

New Year, Newer You

By planning ahead you will feel calmer as you will look very put-together and less hurried. By owning a versatile wardrobe and accessories you will be ready for any occasion with a minimum of effort, resulting in a very self-assured feeling and confidence. Ending your financial woes will lighten your spirit and give you a sense of peace. So, in this New Year, resolve to use the Style Dots way to a newer you!