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How to Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It’s traditionally the second Sunday in May, and in 2023, Mother’s Day falls on May 14. So how do you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

A Quick History of Mother’s Day

Unlike popular belief, Hallmark did not invent Mother’s Day. There have been festivals to honor mothers since ancient times. These were often related to gods and goddesses and maternal symbols like fertility, birth, and creativity (“When Is Mother’s Day?”).

During the Middle Ages, people would return to their homes–or their “mother” church–during Lent. During the 16th century, this celebration became known as “Mothering Sunday.” Children, mainly daughters who had gone off to work as domestic servants would be given the 4th Sunday of Lent off to return to their mothers and their home parish. The oldest son or daughter would bring a “mothering cake” that would be shared with the whole family. Sometimes during that day, the mother would attend a special church service with her family (“When Is Mother’s Day?”).

Anna M. Jarvis

Anna M. Jarvis

In the US, we honor three women for establishing the tradition of Mother’s Day: Ann Reeves Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe, and Ann’s daughter, Anna M. Jarvis. These women fought for the welfare, health, and peace of children (“When Is Mother’s Day?”).

Today, we use the day to celebrate and honor all women—no matter their title—and the contributions they make to mothering and loving children everywhere.

What Mother’s Day Gift Does Every Mom Want?

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Sadly, two of the most popular gifts—flowers and chocolate—are just short-lived symbols of the endearing love you feel for the most special, often least celebrated women in your life.

Why not look for a gift that will endure as long as your love? That truly celebrates how much your mom—or auntie, or sister, or grandmother, or bestie—means to you?

Is Jewelry a Good Mother’s Day Gift?

Not only is jewelry a good Mother’s Day Gift, it’s a GREAT Mother’s Day Gift! Jewelry won’t die after a few days; jewelry won’t get eaten and forgotten; jewelry will get worn and cherished for years to come—and every time your loved one wears it, she will think of you and how much she means to you.

Three Tips for Picking the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

1. Decide on your budget.

Giving your mom or loved one the gift of jewelry doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget out of the water. At Style Dots, we’ve created a Mother’s Day Gift Guide with gorgeous jewelry sets for every budget: from Under $50 to Over $200. You just have to decide what fits in your budget, and then shop within that category!

Bold Mom

The Bold Mom

2. Think about your special someone’s personality.

Jewelry should reflect the person’s personality. So when choosing the right jewelry for your mom or loved one, think about her personality. Is she quiet and understated? Or is she bold and always the center of attention? Does she like a little bling? Or is she more boho chic? Then as you look at the Gift Guide in your budget category, you can see what sets best reflect her personality.

3. Consider her favorite metal finish and color.

Silver and Gold Mother's Day gift

Silver and Gold Set

Does your mom or special someone wear more gold jewelry or more silver jewelry? Style Dots interchangeable jewelry comes in both silver and gold finishes, so you’ll want to choose a set that matches her preference. If you’re not sure, you can even find jewelry that has both silver and gold!

You’ll also want to consider her favorite color. Our interchangeable snap accents feature many different colors. For example, if your loved one has a deep affinity for blue, then pay special attention to the sets that feature blue snap accents.

If you follow these three tips, you’re certain to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift that your mom or loved one will cherish and remember for many, many years—far longer than flowers or chocolate!

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