Spring/Summer 2023 Jewelry Trends

Top 5 Jewelry Trends for Spring/Summer 2023

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by Kim Hartman

As spring approaches, you’re probably feeling the urge to clean out the old and dusty and bring in the new and trendy. Don’t forget to freshen up your jewelry along with your wardrobe! Below are the top 5 jewelry trends for spring/summer 2023.

Not Your Grandma’s Pearls

Pearls are considered one of the most timeless pieces of jewelry. However, they can be thought of as old-fashioned and stodgy. But this year pearls are making an edgy comeback. Ruby Beales, a buyer for London’s high-end jewelry retailer, Liberty, says, “Pearls used to have a connotation of being stuffy. But all the cool brands are using pearls. You can wear them in so many different ways; they are ageless in terms of appeal” (“Jewelry Trends”).

One popular trend for pearls is pairing them with silver, like with our Pearl Cluster Slide Necklace and Pearl Cluster Earrings offered in the 2023 Spring Supplement. They offer an updated take on pearls that will be an on-trend addition to your spring jewelry collection.

Statement crystal couture jewelry

We {Heart} Gemstones and Crystals

There’s something magical about gemstones and crystals. Perhaps it’s the healing properties that many purport they have. Or maybe it’s just how darn beautiful they are! But this spring and summer, gemstones and crystals are going to be showing up everywhere in jewelry. “We think colors are going to be big, so specifically gemstones,” says Benjamin Keenan, general manager of women’s accessories for David Jones, an upscale department store in Australia and New Zealand. Alysa Teichman, one of the owners of Ylang23, a Dallas-based jewelry retailer, says that she also “anticipates that necklaces with colored gems [will] do well [in 2023]” (“Jewelry Trends”).

While Style Dots has never shied away from color, our Couture Collection in the Spring Supplement embraces the gemstone/crystal trend on another level! You’re sure to grab everyone’s attention when you wear the crystals and gemstones from this collection with their eye-catching colors and endless sparkle.

That’s Quite a Statement

Speaking of bold colors and plenty of bling, the statement piece is making a comeback in 2023! Marta Nowakowski, a vice president at Saks Fifth Avenue, says, “We’ve been in a trend where we’ve seen smaller jewelry for a very long time, and I think people are ready to buy more and bigger and more colorful” (“Jewelry Trends”).

We certainly love our Statement Dots! And the Pendant Collection in the Spring Supplement is the perfect addition to our Statement line. These beautifully constructed gold and silver Pendants are perfect for showcasing your favorite Statement Dot.

Daisy and wildflower jewelry trend for 2023Wild about Wildflowers

As Acne Studios says, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking” (“Spring 2023 Jewelry Trends”). But it’s not just florals that are trending for spring–it’s specifically wildflowers. And one of our favorite wildflowers? The daisy. You could say we’re crazy for daisies. They’re fresh, simple, beautiful, and oh-so-wearable.

Our Spring Supplement Daisy Collection features several necklaces, earrings, and a bracelet that all offer an original take on the daisy—and allow you to layer pieces and/or mix-and-match for your favorite “crazy for daisies” look.

Jewelry with a Personal Touch

You are likely seeing this “personal touch” trend everywhere—not just in jewelry. Consumers want something unique—something that represents them. Nowakowski of Saks Fifth Avenue comments that, “Everyone wants their own personalized statement wrist.” Teichman of Ylang23 says, “Chains that have just a little bit of a something different, especially ones that offer a little bit of that convertibility, people love” (“Jewelry Trends”).

This is the true beauty of Style Dots interchangeable jewelry—it’s all about customization. You can make each piece uniquely yours, not only by which Dots you use, but also how you style them: layering, mixing-and-matching, etc. Style Dots IS jewelry with a personal touch. You are creating the necklaces, bracelets, and rings that you want.

To get started creating your own on-trend, personalized looks, visit StyleDots.com today.