What Is Your Jewelry Saying?

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Jewelry Speaks!

What we wear, how we carry ourselves, and our mannerisms communicate information about who we are as individuals just as much as words do. People collect all the information we are channeling out and use it to form opinions about us.

Jewelry works in this same way. It speaks, and knowing what it’s saying can help you pair jewelry with individuals making gift shopping easier this holiday season.

Here are 3 of my favorite Style Dot Necklaces, tips on how to wear them, and what I hear them saying:

Rose Gold Crystal Necklace

This necklace’s language is classy. The gemstones proclaim glamorous, and the design says strong and elegant.

It is a perfect piece for that powerful woman in your life. You know, the girl who is always put together, knows what she wants, and is good at getting it. Yet, she does it all with class and grace.

Pair this necklace with turtlenecks or dressy outfits that have rounded necklines. Clothes with less pattern will make this necklace really pop and steal the show. ,

Our Rose Gold Earrings are a great compliment to this piece.

Bling Tassel Necklace

This necklace is dazzling and certainly will stand out. It instantly speaks sassy, outgoing, and fun.  It is perfect for that girl that brings the party and sparkle everywhere she goes. A girl’s-night-out kinda gal.

This necklace pairs well with dresses or dress shirts that either have V-neck or circular neckline. It complements tops with a simple pattern, adding a little more pizazz to the look.

Pair this necklace with our Bling Elegance Bracelet and our Bling Ring.


Romance Necklace

This piece is rich like biting into a triple layered chocolate cake. As its name suggests, this necklace declares true romantic. The intricacy of it also speaks detail oriented.

It is perfect for the romantic in your life – the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and really is quite a catch.

This necklace pairs well with mid-neckline shirts and dresses. It will rest gently on the chest above the shirt adding an eye-catching focal point.

This necklace looks great with our Essex Romance Cuff.


These are just a few of our necklaces, but there are many more to fit all looks and personalities.

Check out our website to find the perfect gift for the girls in your life and maybe buy one for yourself while you’re at it.

Happy Shopping,

Lauren – Style Dots Intern