winter jewelry trends

Winter Jewelry Trends You’re Seeing in 2024

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winter jewelry trends

Diamondette Hoops

If you take a quick look at social media, you’ll find plenty of memes about January seemingly dragging on for years! And now, as we step head first into February, we look for anything to take our minds off the short days and long nights of winter.

Winter jewelry trends provide the perfect winter respite! After all, anything that sparkles and gives us an excuse to change out of our leggings and hoodies is a happy diversion. And according to Jane Hebden, Creative Director of Amelia Scott, “You can only expect to see more sparkle as we approach the winter months” (“Winter Jewelry Trends 2023-2024”).

Winter Jewelry Trends: Diamond Hoops

winter jewelry trends

Bling Original Ring and Ring Stack says that diamond hoops are a big trend for 2024: “Since earrings frame your face, choosing a pair with bling will automatically help light up your complexion…Whether you invest in real diamonds or a pair of costume jewelry hoops, you can’t go wrong with this trend” (“Jewelry Trends in 2024”).

Style Dots’ Diamondette Hoop Earrings feature simulated diamonds with the cut, clarity, and color of D-rated flawless diamonds at a fraction of the price. You can also get Diamondette Huggy Hoops for perfect earring stacks. After all, jewelry stacking is, of course, still a huge trend.

Winter Jewelry Trends: Stacked Rings, Earrings, and Necklaces

According to Sarah Rowlands of Pandora UK, “stacked rings are the ultimate jewelry staple.” She advises to mix metals, stick to the same style for cohesion, and generally use odd numbers. Sarah also recommends “mixing gemstones, crystals, and lab-grown diamonds with a classic banded ring.” She says this “can…elevate the look, combing a pop of color with simplicity can bring a burst of excitement” (“Winter Jewelry Trends 2023-2024”).

An interchangeable ring gives you the flexibility to add gemstones and crystals as you create your own custom ring stack. This is the same for earring and necklace stacks, as well.

winter jewelry trends

Capri Huggy Hoops and Trio Bezel Earrings

Rowlands goes on to say that “layered necklaces…can be used to create an eclectic look. Incorporating different lengths and dimensions when layering adds texture, avoids overcrowding, and prevents tangling. Mixed metal necklaces and fully loaded charm necklaces are what we’ll be seeing most of this [winter] season” (“Winter Jewelry Trends 2023-2024”).

Create custom charm necklaces with Style Dots interchangeable snap Dot system. Choose interchangeable Dots of various sizes, accentspendants, and more. Then make custom layering necklaces in the finish, color, and size that you want. Rowlands states that pendant necklaces are great for creating a “stylish focal point” for layering other necklaces around (“Winter Jewelry Trends 2023-2024”).

In addition, Hebden says that “playful earrings are a key piece to finish any outfit.” This can mean “mismatched” earrings, which have been huge on the runways this year. It can also mean earrings that are clustered with “sparkles and pearls.” As Hebden states, “More really is more for [winter]!” (“Winter Jewelry Trends 2023-2024”).

winter jewelry trends

Style Dots Pearl Collection

Winter Jewelry Trends: Pearls

Pearls are still a huge trend this winter; think of them as your winter white. Rowlands states that this “winter’s prevailing trend revolves around bold, oversized statement gems” (“Winter Jewelry Trends 2023-2024”). Unlike classic pearls, today’s pearls are bold and modern. They can be paired with bold and modern materials and colors.

Remember, “Pearls are incredibly versatile…you can pretty much wear them with everything” (“Winter Jewelry Trends 2023-2024”).

Style Dots has a wide selection of modern pearl Foundations ready to be paired with all kinds of interchangeable snap Dots: from natural stones to gemstones to crystals; from muted colors to bold colors.

winter jewelry trends

Gold Dotlet Hoops

Winter Jewelry Trends: Gold Hoops

Gold is back in a huge way! More specifically, the gold hoop is back. Woman and Home suggests stacking the simple gold hoop with gold ear cuffs for an even more dramatic look. And be sure to scoop “your hair back so they can really be seen.” They says that gld hoops are “a brilliant piece of jewelry to invest in” (“Winter Jewelry Trends 2023-2024”).

Check out Style Dots Gold Hoops; you can wear them with or without interchangeable snap Dots. You can also add birthstone accents to them for another custom look!

Winter Jewelry Trends: Diamond Tennis Bracelet

winter jewelry trends

Diamondette Tennis Bracelet

Finally, a classic diamond tennis bracelet is, according to, “having a moment. These are the perfect pieces to start your jewelry wardrobe, and we’re seeing lots of our clients buy them in our multiple different settings that suit their individual personalities and budgets” (“Jewelry Trends in 2024”).

The Diamondette Tennis Bracelet has approximately 3.80 carats of simulated D-rated diamonds at a completely affordable price and with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. What a fantastic way to start your diamond jewelry wardrobe! They offer all the sparkle of real diamonds—but you don’t have to worry about the cost of losing them!

So there you have it: Some of the biggest winter jewelry trends for 2024. Where are you going to start?

If you want to beat the winter doldrums, visit today and add a little winter sparkle to your life!