The Versatility of Style Dots is Amazing!

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Welcome to the Style Dots blog space!

My name is Carmen and I am an intern for Style Dots! I am super excited to show you the jewelry that Style Dots carries. I happen to really love necklaces, and I will be featuring one of my favorites, the Romance Cross Necklace. Like the other Style Dots foundation pieces, Dots can be snapped in and out of this necklace to create a look that is uniquely yours.

I think Style Dots as a company has a lot of great ideas but foremost is the idea of interchanging Dots on the different foundation pieces. I can use one Dot on a necklace for one event, and the next day I could snap the same Dot in my bracelet to make it look like a charm. The versatility of it really is amazing! I can keep people wondering if I bought three different necklaces when I just changed the Dot each time. Quite mischievous.

In addition to keeping people guessing, it is also a very good way to save money. Usually, I would have to go buy another necklace if I wanted a different design, however that is not the case with Style Dots. It is very different from the traditional necklaces that have only one design; my one necklace would look casual or dressy depending on the Dot I choose for it.  So, it not only fits my budget better, but creates more fun for me and gives me more control when I am getting my jewelry ready for an occasion and I can swap out the Dots.

Now, this particular necklace caught my eyes the moment I scrolled through the catalog. I have always been drawn toward necklaces with a cross and the Romance Cross is very simple, yet beautiful. I liked the outer layer of the Romance Cross because of the open filigree. With the open filigree whatever I am wearing shows through the necklace. I really liked the fact that it looked like a Renaissance cross, very delicate yet simple.

Speaking of the Romance line, there are more accessories to choose from including more necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even sunglasses. The main thing each has in common in this Romance Collection is the open filigree. Each piece in this collection compliments the other really well. It has a polished look that would be suitable for any event from a fun birthday party in the morning to a fancy and chic fashion show dinner in the evening. We can take full advantage of the versatility of this Style Dots necklace simply by snapping in Dot of our choice from their selection of hundreds!

Carmen – Style Dots Intern