Style Dots Interchangeable Jewelry—So Practical!

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So, you’ve been invited to a Style Dots Boutique Social and you’re thinking about spending some of your hard-earned money on some of their amazing interchangeable jewelry items. Smart girl! Bet you didn’t know that your purchase will be more practical than you know. Let me explain!

First of all, you have your own unique style of clothing and you wear outfits with the looks you love. In the past, finding jewelry and accessories to match those outfits was an expensive and time consuming production. Until now!

A Custom Look Every Time

Style Dots brings you customizable jewelry and accessories that enable you to match any outfit in seconds for much less than it would cost you to purchase a large jewelry wardrobe! Here’s how it works; browse our considerable selection of foundation pieces (Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings) and our accessories (handbag line, sandals, sunglasses and more!) to find the styles that appeal most to you. Next, look through our vast selection of Dots to find those that match your outfits. The Dots snap into the bases in the jewelry and accessories to give you a custom look every time!

The results? You don’t need to buy a different set of jewelry and accessories for each outfit. Just ordering a few pieces of our snap jewelry and then customizing them with our inexpensive Dots allows the savings to add up quickly!  The interchangeable Dots can be swapped out for a whole new color palette or look equally quickly!

Even More Savings

The unique offerings continue with our monthly Client Exclusives! Pictured is our May Hostess Exclusive, the Bling Tassel Necklace in silver. Complimenting many neckline styles, this Bling-y Necklace can be dressed up with a sparking Dot for a special occasion or worn with a more casual Dot style for everyday wear. Yours for only $39.95 with a $39.95 purchase.  The best of both worlds for much less than you’d spend buying two separate pieces of jewelry!

So, go ahead and have fun at that Boutique Social! You’ll be shopping smarter while getting the looks you love for less!