Come Spring with All Your Splendor!

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The changing of the seasons comes about in subtle ways.  The breezes grow softer, we start longing for more color in our drab surroundings, and our thoughts turn to love!  We can celebrate Spring’s approach by switching out our heavier fall clothing and jewelry wardrobes with lighter, more colorful fare.

The Styles of Spring

We generally associate lighter and lacier styles of clothing with the coming of warmer weather.  Our accessories and jewelry should follow suit.   Choose foundation pieces (necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings) with lacy designs like those in our Romance series.  Since hearts turn to thoughts of love in this season, the delicate open filigree hearts of the Romance series are perfect for Spring.

Once you’ve chosen your foundation pieces, let the transformation begin!  Since Style Dots offers you the unique ability to customize your look by snapping in different Dots Once you purchase your foundation pieces, changing the look of your jewelry by snapping in new Dots for the season takes only seconds!

Chose Dots in the soft pastels and bright shades of the season. Style Dots is totally on-trend with the Spring 2017 Pantone colors. The Dots also come in many beguiling styles to appeal to your individual sense of fashion.  From bold to delicate, classical to whimsical, you’ll find the perfect Dot to match your choice of foundation, outfit, and your personal flair.

The Colors of Spring

The color line-up this year includes the always-welcome soft shades of yellow, blue and taupe.  Surprisingly, there are some deeper hues in the spring palette for 2017; you’ll find darker blues, a deeper green, bright orange and bold fuchsia included on the list.  Style Dots offers a variety of Dots in each of these trending colors to transform your jewelry and accessories to match the splendor of Spring.

Not only does Style Dots offer single color Dots, they also offer Dots in multi-color hues, with some in colors that compliment and others in colors that contrast with one another.  This lets you bring more variety to your jewelry and accessory wardrobe and gives you the opportunity to match more outfits than ever!  In addition, there are Dots in gold, silver and antique finishes to match the Style Dots foundations.

Come Spring!

So prepare now to usher in the new season by making sure you have your bright, new Dots on hand to update your look.  Consider hosting your own Boutique Social and earning FREE and deeply discounted Style Dots pieces to make this transformation to Spring even more appealing!