New Trend in Bridesmaids’ Attire

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New Trend in Weddings – Bridesmaids in Same Color, Different Style Dresses

There is a trend among brides to have all their bridesmaids wear the same color of dress but each one in a slightly different cut or style.   The trend in bridesmaid attire is new, but the tradition of the bride giving each of her bridesmaids a gift of jewelry is still strong.  So, where can the bride find gifts of jewelry that follows the trend of same color, unique style? Style Dots offers the perfect solution for jewelry that can be as unique as each maids’ dress; a foundation and Dot approach. Let me explain.

Here’s the perfect solution for jewelry gifts for your bridesmaids when you opt for the the same color, different style dress tradition. Shown are the  Allure, Classic Infinity, Gold Single, Bling and Pearl Classic Necklaces, all holding an Aquamarine Classic Solitaire.

Style Dots Lets You Match the New Wedding Trend – Same Color, Different Style Jewelry

Let’s first talk about the color options that Style Dots offers.  Style Dots has colorful Dots available in fifteen broad color categories that have many shadings from light to dark in each category.  So finding the perfect color match for your friend’s dresses will be one of the easiest things on your “To Do” list.  Once you’ve found the right color, look at the many styles of Dots that Style Dots offers.  From traditional Solitaires to Dots with crystals in a variety of patterns to enameled or pearl accented Dots, your choices are abundant.

Next you’ll want to look at necklace, earring and bracelet options, and again, Style Dots offers many.  Choose the one that matches the cut of the dress whether edgy, flirty, feminine or sophisticated.  With dozens of designs to choose from, you will find the ideal foundation for your choice of Dots.  Simply snap the two together and you have the perfect gift for your bridesmaids and the perfect, trendy look for your wedding.

                Here’s another option for the new trend in wedding attire; the same necklace, each with a same color Dot, but each Dot in a unique style.  Shown are Classic Necklaces                                                                                                                 with the following Dots: Blue Topaz Ice, Blue Elegance, Blue Bling Cat Eye, Blue Galaxy, and Blue Luna.

Of course, you might want to return to the very fun trend of having your bridesmaids wear the same style dress but each one in a different color.  Style Dots help you put together that look as well.  Choose one style necklace from our diverse assortment, then add Dots in colors to match each friend’s dress.  The result?  A perfectly coordinated look!

                                                                Shown are Classic Necklaces with the following Classic Solitaire Dots: Rhodolite, Amethyst, Peridot, Rose, and Ruby.
So, whatever your dream for your wedding party style, making Style Dots part of the planning can help bring that vision to life.