Gifts They’ll Love to Get!

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Style Dots makes it so easy (and fun!) to choose jewelry gifts that your friends will love to receive!  Pictured are the Classic Infinity Necklace with the Sky Couture, Teal Geo Flower, Red Batik, Purple Bella and Blue Luna.

Hard to Shop For Gifts Your Friends Will Love?  Not Any More!

Do any of you find it challenging to come up with gift ideas for your girl friends?  I sure do.  Jewelry is a common go-to gift for women (because we love it!), but I have always found it so challenging to pick out what piece to get someone.  That is, until I came across the jewelry offered by Style Dots. They offer jewelry in many styles and finishes to please everyone on your gift-giving list.  I fell in love with the charming Infinity Necklace by Style Dots.  The simple design is enhanced by the Infinity link that adds a touch of sentimentality and gracefulness.  This piece is sure to be a welcome addition to the jewelry wardrobe of any of your friends.


Dots shown are: Pink AB Luminous Gold, Aquamarine Solitaire Gold, Red Trellis Gold, Purple Pearl Gold, and Gold Marquis.

Above is pictured the Gold Single Necklace.  Its classic design makes it a fine necklace for any woman.  I love how delicate it is and the fact that this is an option for women who prefer this warmer-toned gold finish.  Style Dots has many other foundation pieces but this one has universal appeal.

One of the most fun facts about these necklaces (or any of the other Style Dots foundation pieces!) is that they are easily customizable! The pictures show the necklaces without anything in the center. However, the center is made to be paired with your choice of Dot from the hundreds of colors and designs that Style Dots offers.  Therefore, you can be assured of choosing a Dot that fits the personality and style of the girl for whom you’re shopping.

Now that I’ve helped you figure out what to get every friend of yours for years to come (you’re welcome!), share this blog post with your girlfriends so they can discover the wonder of Style Dots too.  Most importantly, you can find these necklaces and a huge inventory of Dots and many other jewelry items such as bracelets and earrings and accessories like handbags and sunglasses to choose from at  There is literally something for everyone!

Happy Shopping, Ladies!


Lauren Cassell