One Foundation, Many Looks, Budget-Friendly!

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One fabulous foundation piece plus one delightful Dot equals stunning style!


You work hard for your money and while you want your jewelry to match your outfit when you go out, buying many sets of jewelry can cause you to squander that hard-earned pay.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a versatile jewelry wardrobe without depleting your bank account?  Well now you can! At Style Dots we’ve come up with the perfect solution.  We’ve designed some very cool foundation pieces (like necklaces, and earrings) that incorporate snaps into the designs.  Into these snaps fit any of our colorful and beautifully detailed Dots.  Snap the Dots into the foundations to create looks that are a perfect match for any outfit in your closet. The only limit is your creativity!

Here is one example of how the customization process works.  Let’s start with our fascinating Allure Necklace.  Notice how it has elements both casual (the antiqued rope detail) and elegant (the large baguette cut crystal).  You can play up one or another of these looks by your choice of Dots.  Want a more casual vibe?  Snap in an enameled or natural stone Dot.

Go casual with the Natural Lapis Dot in the Allure Necklace.

Want a more upscale look?  Snap in a Dot adorned with crystals or a choose one of our chic and colorful solitaires.

The Storm Couture Dot is covered in a sparkling array of genuine Swarovski crystals.

Or how about a look for everyday wear or for the office?  Any of our neutral Dots are perfect for your daily routine and they go great with business casual outfits as well.

The Brown Trillion is a nice neutral that goes with so much but also has crystals for a subtle shine making this combination perfect for the office.

Now let your mind feast on this; we offer dozens of other foundations and hundreds of Dots in every shade imaginable and in a variety of sizes and shapes.  This lets you create an almost unlimited number of beautiful and intriguing pairings.  Think of the possibilities!

This is just a small selection of the hundreds of Dots you can choose for your own unique collection.

So, don’t spend a ton of money on jewelry that will match only one or two outfits.  Instead, get one or two of our very reasonably priced foundations and a few of our extremely affordable Dots to go with them for the utmost in versatility.  You’ll not only be able to put create the perfect look for any occasion, you’ll also spend less and look more put-together than ever before!

There you have it!  One foundation, many looks, budget-friendly and oh, so smart!