My Fabulous Style Dots Jewelry Favorites

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Learn how the Style Dots foundation and Dot system works and what combinations are the favorites of our Director, Juanita.

Check out some of favorite Necklace and Dot combinations from our Style Dots Director, Juanita!

We recently sat down with one of our fabulous Style Dots Boutique Partners, Juanita G., who is really passionate about our customizable jewelry line with interchangeable Dots.  We asked her to tell us what she considers her favorite Style Dots pieces.  Here’s what she had to say;


What’s my favorite Style Dots combination?  Well, I usually wear clothing with busy patterns and the Solitaire Dots really bring out the colors in whatever outfit I’m wearing.  The large crystals in the Solitaire Dots really make my wardrobe pop!

Shown are the Amethyst, Onyx and Ruby Classic Solitaire Dots


For a touch of Sparkle I snap these Dots into the Bling Necklace. I love that the Bling Necklace can be dressed up or down, depending on the Dots you choose, so that it can match any occasion or day.  Dressed down with a casual Dot, it can be worn with jeans and also pairs beautifully with either of the Pearl Foundations  for an awesome look.

The Classic Solitaires shown in Amethyst, Onyx and Ruby, add a bright pop of color to our sparkling Bling Necklace.

Snapped into the sparkly Bling Necklace, these Classic Solitaire Dots add a bold pop of color.


When I’m not wearing my Bling Necklace, I’m usually sporting the silver and gold Firenze Necklace.  This piece has such an awesome Western flair when paired with the Natural Lapis Dot.  It’s also beautifully worn with just about any Dot for those who love the look of mixed metals.

The versatile Firenze Necklace looks equally fine by snapping in either the Natural Lapis Dot or the modern Silver Burst Dot.

Go casual with the Natural Lapis Dot or create a more dressy look with the Silver Burst Dot that really shows off those mixed metals.



So it’s easy to see why I love my amazing Style Dots jewelry.  They are such versatile pieces that can be worn so many ways just by swapping out the many colors and styles of Dots


We totally agree with Juanita that Style Dots lets you shine by allowing you to create your own custom combinations of foundations and Dots to perfectly compliment any of your outfits.  You’ll always sport such a polished and planned look in your coordinating jewelry from Style Dots.  Be sure to check out all our fabulous foundation pieces and darling Dots at our Style Dots website.