Style Dots Is Better Than Any Medicine I’ve Ever Had!

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I have been medically disabled for ten years. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain. I’ve dealt with depression  and anxiety at times and was even bedridden for awhile.  I have good days and I sometimes have extremely bad days. Before Style Dots, I was looking for a small business opportunity that would provide me with something to do on my good days, and a reason to get up and get going on my bad.  My biggest issue was finding something that wouldn’t require me to carry an excessive amount of inventory or meet a minimum requirement every month. I needed something I could work from home and get me out of the house when I was able.

Style Dots has truly been a Godsend to me. I have been with the company over nine months and have yet to have a month of inactivity.  With the training we receive there are so many opportunities to work this business, from doing home socials, vendor events or from social media. I even had a month when I had to run my business strictly from texts and social media. I was unable to talk, but it didn’t hurt my business, I just pushed on from what I learned through training and persevered. I can honestly say that Training was totally the key to my success that month! Totally!

On days when she’s physically challenged, Karen runs her business online from home, sometimes even from her bed! On good days she works her business by going to Socials and setting up her display at vendor events.

The excitement and love I have for Style Dots is healing. I can be in excruciating pain, but start talking about Style Dots and adrenaline can kick Fibro flares better than any medicine I’ve ever had.  The Sisterhood is another form of support I never imagined possible.  From the moment I joined I received support from across the nation of other Boutique Partners who go above and beyond to encourage, help and support each other.   The Sisterhood is more than just a group of ladies trying to reach the same goal, they are extended friends, and even greater still, They Are Family!

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