There Is Nothing Like Style Dots!

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When I retired from teaching I was looking for a way to make some extra money because I had grandchildren to spoil and take places. I had a busy life and didn’t want a 9-5 or even a part time job.I joined Style Dots in 2016 because I wanted to have fun promoting a new product. I knew about dot jewelry from a different company, but the quality of that company’s products wasn’t very good. I had worked with several other direct selling companies in the past. They were ok, and products I liked, but offered no training and very few incentives. There is nothing like Style Dots! Product and company!
I have been so pleased with the caring of my fellow Dot Sisters. Our fabulous leaders display love and generosity and communicate that to all Boutique Partners and Clients each and every week on Live FB postings and Zoom Meetings.  Our leaders listen carefully to our suggestions and concerns. Huge amounts of resources and time are invested to assist in our success. We have an exclusive designer who creates gorgeous products. Our catalogs get more beautiful each year because of our wonderful photographer’s talent. We have training that is unparalleled in the industry. Our website gets updated frequently with improvements that simplify ordering and accessing the amazing products. Yearly conferences celebrate the successes of team leaders and the newest boutique partners alike, with loving enthusiasm.
And the products! Oh my! They are as stylish as they are sparking and beautiful! The quality is excellent and it is a pleasure to show them off.
An unexpected benefit from Style Dots is the friendships I have with Boutique Partners all over the country. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging. My little team has Dot sisters (literally sisters) from Prescott, AZ and Flagstaff, AZ. They added their niece in Texas to the team and she has received tremendous support in her current fight against cancer. Boutique Partners from across the country pray for her since meeting her at Conference last year. The President of Style Dots has called her more than once to encourage her and pray with her.
The heart of this company is as impressive and beautiful as our stunning jewelry! I’m here for many years to come.
Would you like be part of a company with amazing products and a big heart? Style Dots is that company! Click to learn more!