One Step Toward Simplicity You Should Never Overlook

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Things Get Lost in the Clutter of Life

Simplicity has become the mantra of the age.  There are magazines and entire TV and You Tube channels dedicated to this endeavor.  There is one area that is often overlooked which can lead you away from the calm of simplicity into the stress of chaos.  That area is your outdated and overflowing jewelry collection.  Don’t overlook taking the step to simplifying your jewelry wardrobe – something you use almost every day – and instead, create a jewelry wardrobe that is more compact because it is completely customizable!

I’m sure that overgrown jewelry collection has caused this to happen to you; you’re getting ready to go out and you’re looking for that specific necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring that will go best with what you’re wearing.  You check your jewelry box, dresser top, necklace rack or ring box and can’t seem to locate all the pieces you’re searching for.  You soon either run out of time or grow weary of the whole process. Consequently, you either go without any jewelry at all or wear something that doesn’t quite pull off the look you were going for.  Every time you look in the mirror and see this poor choice, it’s a glaring reminder of the lack of simplicity in your life.

Having Too Much and Trying To Keep Track of It

After repeating this cycle one too many times, you start thinking about how to make positive changes to prevent this from happening again.  Part of the problem comes from buying a different jewelry set for each outfit you own.  Then you have to find places to store it all so you can easily access it when you need it.  You tell yourself that there has to be a way to achieve a new level of simplicity in your life when it comes to your jewelry.  You’ll be glad to know that there is a way to simplify your entire jewelry wardrobe that is smart and innovative.  Introducing Style Dots!

Style Dots Innovative Line Lets You Streamline Your Jewelry Wardrobe

Style Dots exemplifies this idea of simplicity. How? Through their patent-pending Dot and foundation designs. You see, there are two components to every setting of Style Dots jewelry. There are the foundation pieces, which are fairly neutral components that will match most fashion styles, and then there are the Dots, which come in hundreds of colors and patterns. When you combine the foundation pieces with different Dots you create jewelry settings in almost endless combination that can match just about any clothing you own. Talk about simple!

One of many fabulous foundations, our Classic Single Necklace shows off an Aqua Druzy Original Dot. Waiting their turn to be snapped in are the Fuchsia Gleam, Green Flair, Yellow Anthem and Coral Emblem Original Dots.

Here’s How It Works!

You may want a basic design to start your Style Dots collection.  The Classic Single Necklace, is one of the foundation pieces in this sleek and neat line. You can also find matching bracelets, ring and earrings in this style. If you prefer more bling, mixed metals, supple leather pieces, or trendy tassels in your jewelry, you’re in the right place when you shop with Style Dots.  We offer so many different designs of foundations and Dots that you will be sure to find all the looks that fit your unique style.

Once you’ve selected your favorite foundation pieces, the real fun begins!  With your wardrobe in mind, find the Dots that would match each one.  You can simply snap the Dots in any of the Foundations and later pop them out and snap in a different Dot for a whole different look that would go with a different outfit.  This will allow you to get just the pieces you love, pieces that are completely customizable for any occasion.  And the beautiful thing is, this system takes up a lot less space!


The Simplicity of Style Dots Includes Their Accessories as Well!

You will be pleased to know that in addition to jewelry, Style Dots also offers customizable accessories like handbags, and keychains.  The same interchangeable Dots snap into them too. You will look so coordinated when your whole ensemble matches!

Taking this one step toward simplicity will help save you time and space.  Learn more about how Style Dots can help you take this step to simplicity by checking out their website at