Betsy Enders is transformed

People Can’t Believe My Transformation!

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by Carol K. McCarthy –

Style Dots has really changed my life.  Before Style Dots I was a Physical Education teacher for 31 years in the small town of Brawley in southeastern California.  Upon retirement, I went to work at a trampoline park. That is where I was introduced to Style Dots. I was invited to a BLINGO and was immediately hooked on this fun and crazy concept.
Here’s a little bit about me, I am a volleyball official and love to stay connected to kids thru sports. I also have my own business where I play Santa Claus. I’ve done this for 27 years. I have visited several of the same families for years. It’s so much fun to see kids grow up and have their own kids. This past year I had 17 Santa visits. Whew!
I also love ceramics and clay play. I create mostly voluptuous mermaids and some amazing Christmas trees with sea shells. Very therapeutic and cheaper than a therapist.

I grew up in a family with three brothers without sisters.  Now I have hundreds of Sisters!  We have a very special and different family here at Style Dots.  We are supportive, kind, loving and goal-oriented.  I’ve traveled to places I’ve never dreamed of.  I’ve done things I never thought of.  And I’ve become friends with some amazing people I never would have met otherwise.  I own my own business.  I make substantial money.  I travel to exotic places.

Betsy enjoys the attractions on the trip she earned to a tropical destination

New friends, an amazingly supportive and loving sisterhood, substantial income and trips to exotic locations are just some of the wonderful perks that Betsy discovered when she joined Style Dots.

I like to say that Style Dots has changed my life.  My former students can’t believe my transformation.  I look different.  I walk taller.  I speak more confidently.  I love bigger.  All these changes come from the women in this company.  Our owners Karen and Gina loved me the day I joined this business.  My mentor Juanita is the most patient woman in the world.  I owe my success to them and our amazing Director of Field Training, AnnaMarie.  I love everything about Style Dots. It  is so much more than a Dot.  Style Dots is different in so many ways!