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Adding Variety to Your Jewelry with Interchangeable Jewelry

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What Is Interchangeable Jewelry?

One of the most popular trends in jewelry right now is customization: creating jewelry that matches your style, your personality, your mood. And that’s exactly what interchangeable jewelry is! Interchangeable jewelry is jewelry that can easily be customized by switching out snap accents, changing the look, color, and style in literally a snap! Change the look of your necklace, earring, bracelet, and ring foundations by snapping in and out different accents, giving you endless opportunities to create your own custom accessory style.

How Can I Add Variety to My Jewelry Collection with Interchangeable Jewelry?

There are so many ways to add variety to your jewelry collection with interchangeable jewelry.

Add Variety through Color

interchangeable jewelry

Add variety with interchangeable jewelry through color

With interchangeable jewelry, you can easily change the color of your jewelry. We’re not just talking about the finish of your jewelry—you can certainly find foundations in silver, gold, and rose gold finishes—but also in the color of interchangeable snaps. Is purple your favorite color? There’s an interchangeable snap for that! Are you rocking a black ‘fit of the day? We’ve got you covered with neutral snaps, or add in some pops of color: red, blue, teal, even orange!

You can find an interchangeable snap in just about any color you’d want. That’s the fun! Get a few key foundations, and then go crazy with color.

Add Variety through Style & Personality

You have your unique style and personality. Trying to find the perfect accessories that express that can be difficult. With interchangeable jewelry, there are so many different options for showing exactly who you are.

If you’re all about the bling, you can get totally blinged out from head to fingers. If you like natural stones or neutral colors, there are options for that, as well. If you like to mix up your gold and silver and your colors, it’s entirely up to you!

Interchangeable jewelry is all about customization and expressing exactly who you are. And the next day, you can express who you are again in an entirely new way.

Add Variety through Mixing & Matching

interchangeable jewelryAs you build your interchangeable jewelry collection, you’ll find that you can start to get creative by mixing and matching your foundations. And you can also mix and match your snap accents! Some days you might feel like being matchy-matchy, but other days you might want to just go a little crazy.

Experiment. Mix up colors and styles. Find what feels good to you. That’s what interchangeable jewelry is all about! There are no rules because you are in charge. If you don’t like it, you can change it. No buyer’s remorse!

Add Variety through Seasons & Holidays

interchangeable jewelry

Add variety with interchangeable jewelry through lifestyle snap Dots

Another fun aspect of interchangeable jewelry is snap accents for holidays, seasons, and even lifestyles. Ever bought a cheap set of Halloween earrings that turned your ears green? (Yeah, me neither.) With interchangeable snaps, you can turn your everyday foundations into festive holiday jewelry!

There are snap accents for holidays, for seasons, even for the parts of your life that you love: sports that you or your children may participate in, hobbies, inspiration, and more. You can truly express yourself in so many ways with interchangeable jewelry. And you don’t have to invest in tens or hundreds of different jewelry sets.

How Can I Get Started with Interchangeable Jewelry?

If you’re ready to start adding variety to your jewelry collection with interchangeable jewelry, check out All of our jewelry foundations use quality materials, including premium alloys and .990 deep-silver coatings; we make our snap accents from real crystals, natural stones, and beautifully designed enamel; and we hold seven patents on our recessed-interchangeable snap accent system.

We have a huge variety of snap accents, called Dots, to choose from, in several different sizes: Statement (30 mm), Original (12 mm), Dotlet (8 mm). You can shop by size or shop by color. We also offer a large selection of Foundations in silver, gold, and rose gold finishes. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

Looking for the perfect way to build your collection? Check out our jewelry clubs! With our Dot Club, you get three exclusive Dots each month, as well as loyalty rewards and access to Dot Club-only sales. Jemma Jewelry Box members get two Dotlets and a Slide each month, and you get to choose between gold and silver finishes. There are no shipping costs for either club and no contracts—you can cancel anytime! Visit to learn more.

With how easy it is to customize interchangeable jewelry, it’s just going to get more and more popular!

Visit to get started on your interchangeable jewelry collection today.