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Introducing the Pearl Collection: Modern & On-Trend

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Meet our Pearl Collection! Style Dots’ Pearl Collection features modern and on-trend faux pearl pieces that allow for combinations with “unexpected elements” (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”).

As we reported in our “5 Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends” post, this fall we’re going to see “modern iterations [of pearls] on the runway” (“5 Best Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends”) as designers combine “traditional elegance with contemporary aesthetics…making pearls a versatile choice for both day and evening wear” (“Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report”).

Style Dots’ Pearl Collection

Our Pearl Collection is both elegant and modern, combining classic faux pearls with crystals, a .990 high-polish silver finish, and interchangeable snap accents. This is where you can truly add your style and personality to your pearls, ranging from brightly-colored crystal snap Dots to natural stone snap Dots, easily taking your pearl accessories from day to night and anywhere in between.

Pearl Necklaces

pearl collection

Pearl Dotlet Necklace with Pearl Dotlet, Pearl Bead Slide with Short Slide Chain

The Style Dots’ Pearl Collection features a Pearl Slide Bead, as well as a Pearl Dotlet Necklace. The Pearl Slide Bead works with our Slide Chain and can be worn alone, or with any of our Slides or Accents. Keep it simple and classic, or add your own modern flavor by adding various colored Crystal Accents and/or Slide Spacers. How you choose to wear it is completely up to you!

pearl collection

Pearl Bead Slide with Short Slide Chain and Pearl Dotlet Necklace with Sapphire Couture Dotlet

Our Pearl Dotlet Necklace can also be customized to your style and personality. Add a faux Pearl snap Dotlet for a classic Pearl necklace, then make it modern by pairing it with jeans and a tee. Or find a Dotlet that expresses your current mood or matches your ‘fit of the day: fuchsiatealpurpleblack! There are so many colors and designs to choose from.

Pearl Bracelets

The Pearl Collection offers several options: the Pearl Dotlet Bracelet, the Pearl Beaded Dotlet Bracelet, and the Pearl Beaded Original Bracelet.

The Pearl Dotlet Bracelet is a gorgeous bolero-style bracelet with a faux pearl bordering each side of the Dotlet Foundation. The .990 deep-silver bracelet can be cinched to fit perfectly on your wrist. Customize your bracelet with one of over a hundred snap Dotlets to match your style, personality, or mood.

The Pearl Beaded Dotlet Bracelet and Pearl Beaded Original Bracelet are stretch bracelets featuring faux pearl beads that culminate in a Dotlet (8 mm) and Original Dot (12 mm) Foundation, respectively. The striking pearl beads are modernized by your choice of snap Dotlet or Original Dot, whether you keep it classic with a Pearl Dot or modernize it with a brightly colored or intricately designed snap Dot. Either way, how you customize and wear your bracelet will reflect you completely—and that is the true beauty of modern pearls!

Pearl Earrings

pearl collection

Pearl Dotlet Earrings with Pearl Dotlets and Trio Bezel Earrings

Our Pearl Dotlet Earrings have a shepherd’s hook with crystal embellishments ending in a faux pearl bead atop the snap Dotlet Foundation. Again, they are completely customizable! Choose the snap Dotlet that reflects your current mood, your personality, or your outfit of the day. You can choose two snap Dotlets that match—or you can choose two completely different snap Dotlets and have mix and match earrings. This is the fun of modern pearls!

You can create pearl jewelry from any of our other Foundations, as well. Simply choose the necklaceringearring, or bracelet Foundation you love. Then snap in one of our Pearl Original Dots or Dotlets—available in silver or gold finishes.

Fall 2023’s pearls are about taking a timeless classic and making it modern. With Style Dots’ Pearl Collection, you have the ability to do just that: Take your pearls from day to night to day again. Keep them classic, make them modern, make them YOU.

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