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The Art of Jewelry Layering

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by Carol K. McCarthy

When it comes to layering jewelry you have plenty of options with Style Dots! With many styles of trendy chains and necklaces, Original and Statement Pendants and beaded and link bracelets, we know that there’s strength—and style—in numbers. Offering designs from tastefully classic to beautifully detailed, our pieces were made to mix, match, and stack. Browse all of our necklaces and bracelets then create the perfect balance with our handy suggestions below to display your own personal style.

Necklace Layering Choices

Choose from a selection of necklaces in metallic finishes or colorful beads, with or without pendants, in short, medium and long lengths to mix and match effortlessly. Customize your collection with stand-out add-0ns like our Statement Drops and Dots, or go for a more subtle look with our Original or Dotlet size selections.  We offer modern, casual and classic styles in shiny and sleek or tastefully textured finishes. You decide what look you want to rock!

Half the fun of building a jewelry collection is figuring out fresh ways to layer your favorite pieces — that and showcasing as many of them as tastefully possible without overdoing it.  Well-spaced lengths look the most planned and precise.  Layering a short, medium and long chain together gives you a perfectly planned and lovely look. Or try one of these pairings: a short necklace with a long one, a medium length chain with a long chain, or one short and one medium necklace.  Also feel free to mix sizes and shapes for even more intriguing combinations .  Mixing beaded pieces and chains adds interest and is a perfectly acceptable and artistic way to mingle styles.

Tip: Buy two necklaces in the same length and clasp one at the end of the attached extender and the other at the first jump ring before the extender for a perfectly matched and proportioned look.


Models wear two or three necklaces together in a layered look.

Left: Model is wearing both the 16″ and 28″ Rose Gold Paperclip Chains, the bottom chain has a Rose Gold Triggerless Clasp and Capri Charm. She has added the Capri Original Necklace with a Firenze Rose Gold Original Dot and on her wrist she is wearing the perfectly matching Capri Original Bracelet. Right: Model pairs the Firenze Statement Necklace with a Quad Couture Statement Dot and combines that with the Firenze Disc Drop Necklace.

Of course, certain outfits call for varying layers of jewelry. An everyday ensemble like a t-shirt and jeans is the perfect canvas for a mix of chains, necklaces and bracelets. For clothing you’d wear to the office or for a professional event; choose pieces that are subtle and sophisticated. But even a bright pop of color or a larger statement piece can be perfectly appropriate as well.  Dressier events, like a wedding or party, are the perfect occasion to go bolder with your jewelry layers. You can mix in noticeable pieces like colorful bracelets, Statement Necklaces with Statement Dots in bold colors or intricate designs. Or, experiment with more distinctive designs, like adding Drops, Charms, Teardrops, or multiple Accents to your customizable Foundations.  You can even go full-on razzle-dazzle with layers of colorful birthstones, Couture or Solitaire Dots.

Left: Model sports a Mesh Bracelet with a Purple Amanda Original Dot and the Giving Stack Bracelets in Purple. Middle: Model wears the Bar Bracelet with Estate Charm attached with a Triggerless Clasp and the Estate Bracelet with a Multi Colored Classic Solitaire and Purple Julianna Dot. Right: Our model shows off the Statement Beaded Bracelet with a Blue Eva Statement Dot and the Classic Cable Original Bangle with a Blue Eva Original Dot.

Bracelet Layering

Bracelet layering is the most fun as almost anything goes!  Create a attractive and uncomplicated look with a bangle or two and neutral or matching Dots.   For more interest choose a Bar Bracelet or Interlinks Bracelet that allows you to add dangly Charms, Accents and Dot Settings for more movement and color.  Create unexpected combinations by pairing metallic bracelets with beaded ones or with one of our supple leather bracelets.  Our Courage Cord Bracelets were made for layering and have the added bonus of displaying an inspirational saying.  Add three, four, or even five or more bracelets for a captivating vibe and have fun customizing the look by swapping out the Dots.

Layering necklaces and bracelets gives you that certain know-how that all fashionable people crave in their wardrobes.   If you’re ready to level up your accessory game and start layering, get on board with our beautiful, balanced jewelry.

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