Pam’s Story- With Style Dots, The Sky Is The Limit!

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by Carol K. McCarthy


When I heard about Style Dots I was in my mid 50’s. I was looking for something that I had a passion for, yet I only wanted to do something I could believe in and have some fun while doing it! Previously I had been in the educational field for 20 years. I then retired myself after starting a Direct Sales company where I made more money working less hours per week. Plus, I was my own boss!  So, when I found Style Dots, I felt this could be it! I wanted a product that I could be proud of. I knew one of the CEO’s from another company who in my opinion had integrity, knowledge and truly cared for people. I jumped in with both feet!

As I said, I’m a middle-aged Woman, Wife, Mother, and Mima who wanted to be present in my family’s life while earning an income that could bless my family. Style Dots has provided an income that allows my husband and myself to help out with our Grandchildren’s Education (Private School) Plus, we bought a Brand-New Car for the first time ever! We’ve done remodeling and purchased 30 Acres on a Mountain. Oh, yes, we have been able to Vacation with the family, as well as the trips I have earned through Style Dots! Travel has been my passion, so you know I will do what it takes to earn those Tropical Exotic Trips.

I would like to say that I was fairly successful in my last direct sales company, but wanted to be teachable, so I made the promise to myself that I would do whatever our Trainers suggested. I have to say the training that Style Dots offers is beyond all training I had ever had. I did what I was taught in trainings even though I was not sure why I was doing them. I just kept at it, and WOW! This was levels above any training I had ever had. As I used these techniques, I started to understand why I was doing what I was doing. It works if you work it!!!

Pam set a new goal at a recent national conference. Pam on stage with co-founders Karen Green and Gina Smith after getting recognized for her achievements. Pam in her home office and with Gina at one of our tropical destinations.

One of the biggest blessings I’ve had in Style Dots is the friendships I’ve made with people all over the country.  I would have never met these friends without Style Dots. So glad I did! This business has a support system that is bar none, from the day you start till new levels need to be created because the sky it the limit!!!

I began Style Dots with great hope and expectation on the first day the company started, and I am still blown away every day with the integrity, sisterhood and support we offer. I have personally grown in all areas of my life, because we don’t just train on how to be successful in business. We train on how to be debt free, leadership skills and personal growth that permeates to every area of our lives. I’m proud to say that I can stand behind the quality product Style Dots offers, as well as the integrity of the company, with confidence.

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