Summer Essentials to Accessorize Your Look

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by Carol K. McCarthy

It’s great to get some advance notice as to what trends you can expect to see this summer and Style Dots has the fashion 411!  Watching the runway trends and listening to what the leaders in the fashion industry have to say, Style Dots has introduced some fabulous pieces that you can confidently wear this coming season knowing that you will be totally in vogue.  We also read with interest what fashion vlogger Patty’s Kloset shared in one of her latest vlogs.  She had some insights as to what’s been showing up on the runways and how you can make these trends your own in the coming warm months.  Of course, with our innovative, interchangeable Dots and customizable jewelry foundations, Style Dots makes it a snap to change from season to season and to keep up easily with the latest trends.

So, here’s the scoop!  According to fashion experts, big, colorful gemstones will be found on the fashion scene this spring and summer. You can make this trending look your own by adding our Teardrop Accents in vivid hues to your Style Dots Necklaces, Bracelets or Earrings.  Slide them on to your Style Dots Hoop Earrings or attach to your Interlinks Bracelet or Interlinks Necklace with any of our sleek or blingy Triggerless Clasps.  Match any outfit in your closet or dress up for any occasion by swapping out these playful pieces.  Go for one color scheme or make it meaningful by adding a Teardrop in your birthstone or the birthstones of your loved ones.  Teardrop Accents in many colors are shown with a matching set shown in a pair of earrings.

Shown on our Classic Dotlet Hoop Earrings are the Peridot Teardrop Accents. Also shown are: top row: Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald and Pearlized, bottom row: Ruby, Sapphire, Rose, Topaz and Teal Zircon.




Fashion trend watchers also tell us that bright shades of pink, blue, purple, fuchsia and yellow will be a big trend in the upcoming warmer seasons. When you wear our Blue Twinkle Statement Gold Dot in any of our Statement Foundations this summer, you’ll be at the height of fashion.  You’ll be able to keep the vivid color trend going by snapping one of our vivid Solitaire Original Dots into the Classic Anklet as the perfect warm weather accessory when you wear it with capris, shorts or a cute sundress.  The Anklet also comes in the more petite Dotlet size which gives you even more options.




A necklace and anklet have bright colored Dots snapped in.

Shown is our Blue Twinkle Statement – Gold in a Firenze Statement Necklace. Our Classic Original Anklet is shown with a Teal Zircon Classic Solitaire. A few of our other bright solitaire Original Dots are show, clockwise from bottom: Topaz, Peridot, Ruby, Blue Topaz and Rhodolite Classic.



Another attractive trend is jewelry layering and link chains, especially with multiple necklace styles and various types of links.  Once again, Style Dots has all the trending looks with our variety of link chain designs in three metal finishes; silver, gold and rose gold.  Paperclip chains are being seen everywhere and we offer them in three lengths and finishes for the easiest layering ever!  Mix and match with necklaces and chains of other styles and finishes for an eclectic look that is so unique and appealing.  Add our Style Dots Drops to your chains for even more fashion options. Snap in your choice of Dots to match your outfit and then swap the Dots out for the next event, holiday or wardrobe change.  So fun and fashionable!


Different lengths of necklaces are layered for a stylish effect.

The model is wearing our Paperclip Chains in Rose Gold in the 16 inch and 28 inch lengths. She’s added the Capri Charm to her long chain with a Triggerless Clasp in Rose Gold. Paired up with the chains in the Capri Original Necklace with a Firenze Rose Gold Original Dot. On the right: The 17 inch Bar Drop Necklace holds a Classic Necklace Drop with a Rainbow Pinwheel Couture Original Dot, layered with a 20 inch Paperclip Chain in silver and followed by a 28 inch Flat Ball Chain.

The experts have also noted that cute jackets and belted blazers will be popular this spring, summer and into fall.  Offering necklaces in three lengths, Style Dots makes it easy to find the right necklace to fit perfectly into the neckline of your favorite lightweight outerwear.  And, by rolling up the cuffs on these jackets and blazers, you can wear them into the warmer months and also show off matching bracelets for a complete and polished look.   So, if you like being on the cutting edge of current trends, order your chic Style Dots pieces today and get ready for the coming season – in style!