Why It’s Better When You Bring a Buddy

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While there are some things you don’t mind doing alone, many times your solitary experience can be enhanced by bringing a buddy along.  The same is true when you are considering joining a direct sales company such as Style Dots, with their complete line of customizable jewelry and interchangeable Dots. Having a friend join the same time you do has many potential benefits and brings more to the endeavor.  What are some of the positive outcomes of bringing a buddy with you when you join?  How about these four important things;


When you see a movie you love, you want to tell your friends about it and maybe go to see it again with them.  Same with a good book, delicious new recipe, or fantastic restaurant.  Sharing with friends is how we share love, caring and things we think they would like just for the enrichment it can bring to their lives.  Direct sales is much the same.  You may know of a friend that could use a little extra income, or who would appreciate an opportunity to have a little more social time, or who would be very interested in earning a trip to a tropical destination.  Sharing how Style Dots could be that vehicle for accomplishing any of these goals is the way you show your concern for your friends’ well-being.

Bringing a friend into the business with you allows you to share and support each other in a most personal way.

More FUN!

There’s also the saying, ‘The more, the merrier!,’ which certainly applies to Style Dots!  We call our representatives Boutique Partners, and while partnering in business is a given, they also join in  celebrating each others’ successes during our fabulous conferences, wondrous free trips, and enjoyable getaways.  During any of these gatherings you might find our Boutique Partners swimming  in the pool or frolicking in the surf, joining in a line dance or sharing a meal, telling stories and getting to know one another. There’s a lively energy that flows during these times together and that is also apparent during Zoom calls or online meetings when they aren’t together in person.


They also say that ‘two heads are better than one,’ and when it comes to creativity, that couldn’t be more true.  With a friend along you can bounce ideas off each other, practice presentations together, study the training and compare notes, create looks with the many Style Dots foundations, Dots and accessories that you can show each other.  You can be a source of inspiration to your friend and vice versa.  You can also encourage and challenge each other and be each other’s cheerleader.  Plus a friend will be honest with you and give true critiques and praise.

Having a friend join Style Dots with you means that you have started a team and can start earning rewards!  When more people join your team the benefits increase!  More income, bonuses and awards are possible.  Plus you’ll have the reward of more new friends!
Ask yourself who you know who you would love to work with and could benefit from the rewards that come with owning their own Style Dots business – then ask them to join you!